The Sounds of the Times!

Monday, July 2, 2012

HAPPY MONDAY and Happy July!! I thought I'd tell you a little about the sounds of my weekend.
Now to qualify what I am going to write next -- I grew up in Southern CA where fireworks, except for licensed, public displays, are outlawed. Way too much of a risk of fires. As a child I never set off fireworks and am as far away from being a piromaniac as you can get since I don't even like striking matches, lol.

The last few night have been LOUD in our area -- lots of fireworks action. It will all come to an end on the 4th -- until then, I keep thinking I am hearing the sounds of war. Do you set off your own fireworks or enjoy a display in your community?

My company arrived late last week and we have been having a time just visiting and enjoying each other's company. Over the weekend I got to go with my Dad on 2 LONG walks -- such great talks happen on walks....especially LONG ones. I love the sound of my Dad's voice -- I hope I can remember what that sounds like forever!
Flatwater Music Festival 2012
On Saturday we ventured out to enjoy the Flatwater Music Festival. What a nice time that was -- perfect evening too -- weather was lovely and enough of a breeze to keep the skeeters away.

Gigi and Gabe at Flatwater Music Festival ~ Hastings, NE
We enjoyed some great Bluegrass, Folk and Old-Timey Country & Gospel music by a variety of different bands. There were also local crafters and artists that had their wares for sale.

Aren't these wind chimes just lovely? You would not believe what a lovely, tinkling sound they made.

As I sat with my grandbaby on my lap and my 2 grown daughters to my left and my Dad and Mom to my right, I couldn't help but think what a blessed woman I am!