Where or where has the blogger gone?

Sunday, November 9, 2014
Thank you to those who have inquired about the blog! I have not blogged in the last few months and have no plans to return any time soon. I have disabled comments. I do still try to maintain my Facebook page I've Lost It, My Low Carb Journey!

Developing new recipes is pretty time consuming and I am in a season of life when I need to cut back on some of my commitments to do justice to the important ones. All that to say, for now my plan is continue sharing on the FB page - motivation, encouragement, my original recipes (already published on this blog) and some of the many recipes that I try from other bloggers.

My sweet Mr. Dreamy and I still continue in our dedication to the low carb WOE and maintaining our losses.

For now this blog remains up with all the low carb content, although many of my recipes and photos were *borrowed* without my consent. If at any point I decide to remove it, I will issue a warning so you can print any you are interested in.

Again, I appreciate those who have asked about me - I try to answer emails if you need to contact me but be patient, it can take a couple days before I can -- and I always am encouraged to hear about your Low Carb Journeys so please share via email or on the FB page.!!! 

Blessings to you!!!

How Simple is THAT: Salmon Patties

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Yes, we are talking SIMPLE food when we talk Salmon Patties -- BUT did you know that they could be low-carb?! With just a few simple tweaks, they are low-carb and pretty dang yummy too!

Turnip Gratin

Monday, June 30, 2014

Garden is doing great -- we harvested 120lbs of turnips!! You read that right and YES, that is a lot of turnips. Some were canned, some were frozen and some are being stored in our fridge to be used -- I have been trying turnips recipes like no ones business.

Blueberry Gelatin Dessert

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Here I am -- been down with some computer problems -- grrr!! It doesn't look good and I have been very resistant to do anything about my dinosaur computer because I am not wanting to give up my old version of Windows -- dumb, huh!! I guess I will be stretching my comfort zone yet again, lol. In the meantime, what have I been doing? Why cooking and eating, low-carb of course :)

Until I am fully up and going again, I will attempt to post a few recipes -- warning: the photos will not be pretty but they will help get the idea across. Thank you for baring with me!

Tuscan Kale & Strawberry Salad

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mr. Dreamy is growing kale in his garden this year -- not just ordinary kale, but Tuscan kale.

Other names this variety of kale goes by are Lacinato Kale, Black Kale, Dinosaur Kale, & Palm Tree Kale -- but I like the sound of Tuscan Kale best.

How Simple is THAT: Poached Salmon (and some sauce recipes to top it )

Sunday, May 25, 2014
As our weather continues warming up and I am wanting to spend more and more time outdoors, meals get lighter and less complicated. The grill comes into play a lot BUT I don't want to eat grilled food EVERYDAY -- I have found a solution to that -- poaching, salmon to be exact.