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WELCOME to Faithfulness Farm! I am Gail – a Mom, Gigi (grandma), daughter, sister and friend and most important adopted in the family of GOD . Please leave a comment or drop me an email so I can visit you. In the beginning I started this little blog to write about my family, recipes I was trying and whatever home projects I was working on...then started the changes. You see, the last few years have brought a lot of changes to my world. My divorce was finalized after a long separation, my nest emptied out and my sweet grandson was born, my younger son added to our family with his sweet fiance and her 2 little boys AND I adopted a low-carb lifestyle and LOST a lot of weight. NOW my focus here on the blog has changed too -- my writing will be focused on healthy living, low-carb eating (recipes and product reviews) and little slices of my life thrown in. Hope you are sticking around -- life at Faithfulness Farm is NEVER boring -- God Bless You!


  1. Terri Burfield said...:

    I love your site, I saw that you visted mine (timelesstreasuretrove.com) and wanted to check you out (lol)...I too am trying to cook low carb for my husband (who is a Methodist pastor) he is type 2 Diabetic and we are finding that carbs are his worst enemy. I am so glad I found your site and will be back often I'm sure. God Bless and thank you for sharing your recipes!

  1. Shannon said...:

    You look amazing! You are very inspiring and I look forward to following more of your journey. After having five kids myself, I need to take the time to care for myself. Atkins and low carb is always something that has worked for me in the past. I just don't always take the time and I'm not always prepared :) I am determined to make it work, so thank you for the great example and encouragement!

  1. Suze said...:

    Just found your blog today looking for something to do low-carb with boneless beef stew meat. Found your chili recipe. I have added you to my favorites and will be checking in regularly. Thanks for all your great tips and recipes. You look so fabulous and are such an inspiration.

  1. jabreb said...:

    Just found your blog today through StoneGable/Yvonne. Have spent the last hour surfing your recipes and am totally inspired. Have had Diabetes 2 for the past two years and always on the lookout for low carb/healthy recipes. Also a Child of God. Thank you for sharing your health journey and recipes. I'm now a follower.
    Judy B. Texas

  1. Kristina Krull said...:

    I am really thankful that I just discovered your blog and am looking forward to trying all of your wonderful low carb recipes. I am encouraged by your Christian testimony as well. May God continue to richly bless your life :)

  1. DeeDee said...:

    Hi Gail. I also found your blog through StoneGable. I was recently told by my doctor that I have hyperglycemia. I am thin, not over weight at all, so I am very concerned. He told me to cut down on carbs for 6 months, then he will reassess me to see if I need meds. I do not want to be on meds for this. I will be checking on to your blog frequently for recipes. I am new to this way of eating and it will be a big change for us. Thank you for your hard work posting recipes.

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