How Simple is THAT: Chicken Breast w/Wine Reduction Sauce

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Every cook should have a quick-prepare recipe in their repertoire -- something that you always have the ingredients on hand for and can make at a moments notice. Chicken Breasts w/Wine Reduction Sauce is my go-to dish. I can have it from frozen ingredients to *on-the-table* in quick order and it seems as though I've gone to A LOT more effort than I actually have. Best of all, a perfectly low-carb meal when paired with a salad or veggie (or both).

So what you need is 4-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts. If frozen, microwave on defrost for 5-6 minutes. You also need a heavy skillet -- of course, my recommendation is always cast iron. Seasonings -- simple is best. I use salt, pepper and garlic powder. Now you can go nuts too and use things like sliced shallots, minced garlic, fresh lemon juice, etc., -- all wonderful additions but this version is as simple as it gets and believe me, so yummy, you don't miss any of those fancier add-ins. Back to your ingredients, butter -- a couple tablespoons to smooth out your sauce and last, but certainly not least, some white wine. I use whatever is open in my fridge -- something that you'd drink and be careful of *cooking* wines -- mostly salty and skunky in my opinion AND speaking of salt, go lightly on your seasoning because reduced wine can have a little saltiness to it. AND if wine just isn't your thing, go right ahead and use a good quality (preferably homemade -- I know, sounding a little bit Martha-ish there, lol) chicken stock. I also love fresh parsley -- use it if you have it, parsley flakes if you don't or omit all together if you like.

Okay, take your thawed chicken breast and skillet. Heat the skillet over a medium high heat and spray with an olive oil spray. Season and add chicken breasts.

Cook until well browned on first side, turn over and brown on opposite side (be  careful of constant turning, wait -- patiently -- until well browned and just turn once).
Once your chicken is well browned on both sides, you can remove the chicken to a plate and cover BUT looking for ease here (and as few dirty dishes as possible), I never do -- I start building my pan sauce right in with the chicken.
Add your wine -- starting with about 1 cup, turn your heat up to high and start scraping up all the bits that are stuck on your pan. IF you have chosen my lazy route and kept your chicken in the pan, just scrape up underneath them, moving them around in the pan. Add more wine as you feel necessary.
When your wine is reduced by half, turn your heat to medium and add in the butter.
Allow the butter to melt and the sauce to continue reducing -- you will know when the wine is completely reduced -- your sauce will look thickened and shiny and make a slap, slap sound in the skillet that it wasn't making before -- I know that sounds weird but once the wine is all reduced, you are left with the butter and pan residue (that equals YUM!!) and it makes a different sound and will not reduce further.
Remove your chicken to your serving dish, spoon over the WONDERFUL reduction sauce you just worked so *hard* to make and sprinkle with parsley if desired. How simple is THAT!!

A serving is 2 breast halves - so 2 servings if you use 4 as I have. Calories 386 and net carbs 3.06g.