Heirloom Party

Friday, July 31, 2009

A BIG thank you Marie for hosting today's Heirloom Party. Admittedly, I had a hard time deciding what I'd share. Mostly, because I am an Heirloom type of gal. I love anything old.

Oldest daughter, Jessica is named for my Great-Grandmother, Jessie Alexandra Walker. She was my maternal grandfather's mother. I knew her well when I was a girl (she passed away when I was 20...she was 95). This is a portrait of her, her 4 sisters and her 2 sister-in-laws. She is the second from left in the back row.

When my Grandma was expecting her first grandchild (that would be me), Great-Grandma Jessie gave her a special rocking chair. That chair was what I asked for when my Grandma passed away. It was old, and kind of ugly and no one else wanted it, so it came home with me. It sat in storage for a few years until I got the gumption to refinish it. Some cleaning, sanding, new varnish and upholstery and the end result is a chair that I love. It has rocked many generations of babies.

Youngest daughter, Jadyn Rose is named for her Great-Great-Grandmother Rose Ella Wood. I have a portrait of her too but I couldn't locate it to share. The bible I am sharing came from Great-Grandma Rose. It belonged to her Grandmother. It is full of little notes, family history, bookmarks, pressed flowers, etc. I just LOVE it and I love the history of Godly women in the family. Such a legacy!