Today's Thrifty Treasures

Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm sharing my ~Today's Thrifty Treasures~

Firstly, I'm new at this an want to say thank you for Rhoda and her lovely blog.

Now I want to say that I have been coveting hutches lately. I've been wanting one, praying for one, drooling over all the ones I've seen (you get the idea here). Then I remembered that I WAS blessed with a lovely cabinet. I bought it back in April at a garage sale for $100.00. Such a steal. But I never thought of it as a *hutch*.....then I allowed my thinking to get rearranged. On Saturday my dear daughter Jadyn Rose and I rearranged furniture and I brought my new *hutch* into the dining room. Then I washed and arranged my newest china find (Noritake 1952..not sure of the pattern name yet...only $25.00 at garage sale) and was just pleased as punch with the results. God had already blessed me with what I was praying for. Such a silly thing I am!

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