Cream Can Suppers

Friday, July 30, 2010
I am still a bit MIA. Sorry! I promise there will be LOTS of new posts coming after I get this party (next weekend) behind me.

I haven't talked much about my weightloss journey. I have lost and regained the same weight a few times in the last 20 years. I am hoping this time to take it off FOREVER. If you've noticed my new picture, my dear daughter insisted my blog needed a new picture to reflect the 45lb loss this year. I still have about the same amount to lose but I am encouraged by the results I'm seeing.

(me at an event I catered in February 2010)

I also noticed some new followers. WELCOME!! I am always thrilled to *meet* new friends.

Today I thought I'd share about a Nebraska thing...The Cream Can Supper! The Cream Can Supper is the Nebraska Farm Country cousin to the New England Boiled Dinner or Low Country Crab Boil. No boiling or crabs involved, in fact, you'll most likely find Kielbasa but the concept is nearly the same except, you are steaming and not boiling the food. You use a cream or milk can and starting at the bottom, layer clean rocks, corn on the cob, in the husks, and whatever wonderful garden veggies you'd like (cabbage, new potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, squashes, etc.,) and end with the meat of your choice (again, here it is likely to be Kielbasa). Pour beer over, cap the can (needs to have a vent hole) and put it on a heat source (propane burner, gas BBQ or camp fire) and cook away for about an hour. When done, carefully uncap and pour the contents out onto a large, paper-lined table. Doesn't that sound like a great party? I am considering adding this to my catering enterprise.

You can read more about Cream can suppers at

Here is an interesting video from the company that will be demonstrating their cans at a local event here in Hastings, NE in August.

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