Vintage Family Pictures

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
I have been semi-MIA this last couple of weeks. My parents 50 Wedding Anniversary is August 8th and my sisters and I are busy trying to put together the celebration. The challenge in that is that we all live in different parts of the country. We will be coming together in two weeks, with all our joint efforts for this party and I can hardly wait....except there is still LOTS of work to do. I am working on table decorations and the cake plan (I am making the cake) and my sisters have been working on the catered lunch, DJ, photographer and a memory book.

For my Vintage Thingie Thursday, I thought I'd share some vintage ME. These are photos that belong to my Mom that have now been scanned (thanks to sister Glenda)and will be part of our table decor (we are framing 50+ photos in gold frames we've been collecting and painting when need be).

My Mom & Dad & I in 1961, right after moving to San Diego (my Daddy was in the U.S. Navy)

I just love this picture taken at my Grandparents home in 1962. I remember that fence but it was later replaced by a chainlength one and that tree also went away at some point and if you look real closely, you can see that the street is not paved, that was done in 1971.

This is our family in the mid-1970's. I am on the far right and about 16 years old. What a funny picture it is for me to look at!

Thanks for baring with me and my lack of new posts! I have a camera full of pictures and will be taking MANY more during our trip so I'll have lots of new posts coming.