Projects and getting them DONE!

Sunday, August 22, 2010
I have SEVERAL projects hanging over my head. I have a whole list of excuses and some of them actually hold pretty true. I have been very preoccupied with my folk's 50th party AND it has been so blasted hot and humid...but mostly, I have just been putting stuff off. I decided that this weekend I was going to get some stuff done. I picked 2 projects and determined they would get finished this weekend. I am 50% done!

Months ago, I picked this bench up at our local Goodwill store for $10.00. I LOVE the turned legs and the sturdy construction but HATED the dated coloring. My plan was that it would go in my entryway. I always wanted a bench for that spot. At first I left it sit in the garage...then I brought it in and lived with the unattractive color for a few weeks while I thought of what color to paint it. That was motivation to get busy!

I finally decided on Licorice Rope by KILZ. I had lots of opinions and few of them saw my vision of painting it black but I kept that vision.

TaDa!! Isn't it just lovely?! I have a pillow project for this bench that I gleened from one of my favorite blogs. Check back on that one....I may not get to the pillows until after vacation.

I did say I was 50% finished. My other project is this little chest. I have prepped it and painted it with primer but the finishing will have to wait until this afternoon. BTW, this little beauty goes in my kitchen!

Sharing today at Stephanie Lynn's Showcase Sunday and Susan's Met Monday events! Thanks ladies for the inspiration to get things DONE!! I am also going to hook up with Craft-O-Maniac..thanks Jen for the invite.