About Me

WELCOME to Faithfulness Farm! I am Gail – a Mom, Gigi (grandma), daughter, sister and friend and most important adopted in the family of GOD . Please leave a comment or drop me an email so I can visit you. In the beginning I started this little blog to write about my family, recipes I was trying and whatever home projects I was working on...then started the changes. You see, the last few years have brought a lot of changes to my world. My divorce was finalized after a long separation, my nest emptied out and my sweet grandson was born, my younger son added to our family with his sweet fiance and her 2 little boys AND I adopted a low-carb lifestyle and LOST a lot of weight. NOW my focus here on the blog has changed too -- my writing will be focused on healthy living, low-carb eating (recipes and product reviews) and little slices of my life thrown in. Hope you are sticking around -- life at Faithfulness Farm is NEVER boring -- God Bless You!