Faithfulness Farm Kitchen Tour

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Lynn over at Happier than A Pig is having a My Favorite Kitchen Gadget Party! My kind of party for sure. I don't think I am going to show you anything new...I am always blogging about one gadget or another but I LOVE a party and I LOVE my ktichen, so come on in and take a look around.

Here at Faithfulness Farm, I operate a working kitchen. I cook, bake, can and cater out of my small home kitchen. I don't have room for frivolous gadgets...only the ones that earn their keep stay around in my kitchen. That said, I have many favorites. Recently I told you about my new coffee maker. Grab yourself a cup. You're only company on your first visit. We're old friends now!
Something every working kitchen needs is good knives. Like any tool, you have to maintain your knives. You are much more likely to get cut from a dull knife than a sharp one. If you don't know how to sharpen your knives, find someone who can maintain them for you....many malls have a cutlery shop that offers sharpening services. Notice in my block there is a pair of poultry sheers and a pair of sissors. Both are great tools to have around. Hand-in-hand with good knives is cutting boards. I prefer wood ones. I have these three babies staged in different places around the kitchen. Ready to grab and chop, cut or carve.
My kitchen is a microwave-free zone. One of my most important gadgets is my kettle. It boils water for tea as well as recipes. A great hint to keep drains running free is to pour boiling water down the drain on a regular basis. I do this weekly and can't tell you how many years I've gone without the services of a plumber. I wouldn't want to be without a kettle sitting on the stove *at the ready*! That little whistle attachment is pretty important too....I burned my last kettle up because there was no whistle and I got distracted. Number #2 son made sure that won't happen again!
I am always going on about my beloved cast iron cook and bakeware. They are HIGH on my favorites lists BUT....I have other cookware that is special to me too........
My dear children decided I NEEDED red cookware. They gifted me with this set of Paula Deen cookware and I love having them hanging around my kitchen (and I love using them too). My pot rack is also a pretty handy gadget. It hangs over my homemade kitchen island made from an old Singer sewing machine base. The two just seemed to be made for each other. And while we're dicussing what is handy...crocks of hand tools next to the stove is about as handy as it gets. I especially love wooden spoons. Many of mine are Amish made. So simple and yet some of the best gadgets I own.Timers are valuable gadgets to a baker. Even 1 extra minute can mean something is too browned to be acceptable to sell. I like both the high tech and low tech versions.
Low tech....can you imagine making meringue with one of these babies. My grandmother did....regularly. I am glad to have this instead HERS..... and HIS! I use several of the attachments, the grain mill for making whole wheat flours, the meat grinder and sausage stuffer, and the pasta maker. These machines have been a very wise investment for my kitchen.

Lastly, I wanted to tell you about this little gadget that is always ready to lap up spills and take care of any and all crumbs that make it to the floor...... JOSEY - my sweet corgi dog!

Thank you for dropping by and thanks to Lynn for hosting such a FUN party!