Thrifty Treasures

Monday, August 24, 2009

Thank you Rhoda from Southern Hospitality for hosting the Thrifty Treasures on your lovely blog!

Years ago I worked in a small bakery. I learned lots of things that have helped me in other pursuits. I enjoyed the work and always thought maybe someday I'd open a bakery of my own.

Forward years ahead....I soap. That means I make wonderful homemade soap. I enjoy doing it. At one point I sold at a large farmer's market but since our move to Nebraska a few years ago, I have only made it for family and friends. My youngest daughter has decided she would like to learn how to make soap and would like to sell at our farmer's market next summer to make money for a missions trip. So we have been brainstorming a bit. I mentioned that we just don't have the space in our new home that we had in our old one for curing tons to soap. In my brainstorming I said, we really need a bakery rack. We can cure tons of soap on that and it would take up little space.

All that to say that yesterday, she and I drove down a road that we never drive down and sitting on a lawn of a little white house, with a big *For Sale* sign was a BAKERY RACK...

with all the full sized pans. Isn't God good! I knew that the rack and pans were worth hundreds of dollars but I inquired and the asking price was $60.00. We scooped it right up. Now it is sitting in the garage and this next weekend we're back in the soap business!