Made A New Friend.......

Saturday, February 5, 2011
I have a very old friend. We became friends years ago when we lived in the Seattle area. That friend is STARBUCKS. Oh, how I LOVE their coffee. I drank coffee before then but never because I loved it....more because it was what my husband did and as a Mom of young children, the caffiene jolt was welcomed. But I couldn't get enough *flavors*, add-ins and sweeteners to make it too enjoyable. After experiencing good coffee, that was different. Just a splash of real cream and it is perfect. I can say in my sleep ..... a grande, bold pick-of-the-day please, leave room for cream.
Usually I try to avoid visiting with this friend often.....mostly because the nearest one is 30 miles away. BUT, it is in the town I work in and this time of year, I am in that town 6 days a week and I drive right past...or should I say, right through, many of those days. I have purchased the coffee beans and have tried brewing at home BUT it just isn't the same. Really, to me, it doesn't taste much different at home than the comes from a red plastic can, coffee. I have even looked into purchasing one of their coffee makers, but gasp, I cannot part with that much money for a coffeemaker. That has all changed. While shopping at my local Sam's Club, I decided to stroll over where the coffeemakers are displayed. I wanted to see the Keurig and what all the brewhaha (lol) was about. Standing in the asile was Cindy.
I know her casually. We chit-chatted a few moments, then she asked me if I was considering a Keurig. I told her I was pretty much a coffee snob and she started in. After 20-30 minutes of her going on and on about the attributes of this machine, I had the Keurig in my cart. Now I wonder if she works for the company and stands there all day to help the undecided's make up their minds, lol. I brought it home, scooted the old Mr. Coffee over and brewed myself my first cup.

Oh, my GOODNESS! I LOVE this coffee. The first day, I drank so much coffee, I thought I'd never get to sleep that night. Now I have to cut myself off about 7PM. My maker had a sample pack of 5 or 6 different types of far, my favorite is... The other beverages in my beverage center are feeling a bit left out. Mr. Coffee isn't seeing much action these days. Well, I've worked so hard at this post that I am thinking I need a coffee break. C-ya!

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