My 50th Year!

Friday, September 18, 2009

We returned from our vacation late on Monday and it was back to the office for me on Tuesday. Then the news that the mother of my employer passed away that same day. It has been a week tinted with sadness and the art of playing catch-up…both at the office and at home. I’m very glad to see the weekend at last. Or am I? It seems that somehow in the busy-ness of homemaking, raising 4 children, being a helpmeet and serving others, I now find myself about to embark on my 50th year this weekend. How did that happen? How can 49 years have gone so quickly?

To mark this occasion, I plan to bake a pie. I prefer pie over cake. I also plan to busy myself this weekend with some put-off projects. Painting and papering my laundry closet (yes, it is just a closet), hanging a shelf that a friend gave me, making a kitchen island from an old sewing machine base and hanging the pot rack I bought myself for my birthday. I’ve always wanted one and am very excited about this one (it came from Van Dyke’s Restorers).

The price was unbelievable!! I’ll post a picture when I get it all hung. I am also planning to get to my fall decorating. I think my family is taking me to a favorite local restaurant on Sunday after church....the BIG day, lol.

Happy weekend wishes!! Glad to be back to bloggland!