Whatcha Working on Wednesday

Wednesday, December 30, 2009
As I posted yesterday, I am participating in the Freezer/Pantry Challenge at Yvonne’s StoneGable, I am also joining in today at Leslie’s My Country Home’s Whatcha Working On Wednesday. I mention both of these because I am coming to the realization that I need some accountability in some of the projects I have undertook. I could offer some excuses, BUT that is exactly what they are….EXCUSES.

That out of the way, I am a quilter. I love to quilt. I’ve made 2 quilts this year. Not a lot, but a fair number. I usually machine piece and hand quilt. I love hand work. I’ve made many totally hand done quilts…hand pieced and hand quilted. I just love the quietness of handwork. Also, hand piecing is very tote friendly. I can take it along to piano lessons, sports practice and my lunch hour at work. Last December I started a small hand pieced quilt. Not a big job. A total of 16 blocks that measure 10” each. Oh, and I just love the fabrics. Some have been in my stash for years and I was so excited to finally find the right project for them. Shamefaced I have to say that I have completed 9 of the 16 blocks and have done the piecework to assemble the remaining 7 blocks. I want to finish this project. I’m entering my busiest time at work and I know that my time will be limited, BUT I determine that I will have this quilt finished and my deadline…APRIL 15, 2010. I hope to post my progress over the next few weeks and want to be held accountable. And I vow to not start another quilt until this one is done!

So this is my fabrics...

I love this fabric and am not sure how long it's been in my stash.

The rest of the fabrics come from Lynette Jensen's Thimbleberries fabrics. The 2 purples are from the Subtle Solids Collection and the bold gold (don't remember what Thimbleberries collection it is from) will serve as sashing and the backing. I just love the little white flowers in that one. Reminds me of Lily-of-the-valley....one of my favorite flowers.

And my pattern...

Is the Double Cross from Marcia's Quilters Cache. I love free patterns.

And my progress...

So, what are you working on? Do you have any UFO (Unfinished Objects)? Tell me about them (I'll feel much better, lol) and join with me in getting them finished up so we can move on to new projects in the New Year!