Pedelstal-ed Plates~Tutorial

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I am posting this to Susan's Metamorphsis Monday. Last week I posted on my collection of vintage cake plates. While many of my collection do not have pedelstals, some do and I enjoy using them very much. Got me to thinking about putting my own plates on petestals. I had done this project before and found it to be easy and pretty rewarding for little investment. So off I went to tour my favorite thrift stores. I found a set of 4 small dessert-sized plates that I really liked and 2 dinner sized. Now I needed *something* to use as a pedelstals. So I went around turning things upside-down to see just what would work. I found 2 vases right off the bat that would go great with the bigger plates and then scored 2 mismatched glass candlesticks and a small vase for the smaller plates. I also knew I had an old perfume bottle at home that had a large chip in the top that would also work nicely. So then I headed to Ace Hardware to purchase 2-Part Epoxy and some sandpaper.

Now all the glass needed a very good cleaning. Lots of nooks and cranies in these pressed glass pieces, so I used a toothbrush and toothpaste to scrub. Does a super job. Once the glass was perfectly cleaned and totally dried, I used the sandpaper to rough over the pieces that will be glued together. Just a little roughing to help the epoxy to do its job.

Mix your epoxy, careful to follow the directions on the package. Once you have the epoxy mixed, you need to work quickly. Spread the epoxy onto the pedestal piece, where it will attach to the plate.

Set the plate on the pedestal and apply slight pressure for a few moments. Set aside and allow the bond to complete (takes 5 minutes).

And the results....

I am also going to add this to Mary's Mosaic Monday. Thank you Susan and Mary!! Please visit each of these wonderful ladies and check out the other inspiring posts!

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