We're Expecting!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last fall I found this great planter at a garage sale. I sprayed it black (it was this awful brown mustard kind of color) and waited patiently until spring when I could hang it and plant something lovely in it. Usually I am good about waiting until Mother's Day to put out flowers because of the threat of frost BUT I figured I could put out something pretty hearty like Johnny Jump Ups before then. I was just so eager to use this planter!

And how lovely and welcoming it looked all planted!

And then I noticed some non-flower activity in the planter.

A sweet Momma Robin has decided to make a home for her brood.

Move over Johnny Jump Up's, we're moving in!

After lots of activity and probably a couple weeks, the nest is ready and the eggs started being laid...one a day until......

We had three!

The Momma to be!

Well, we better head on in and let her get back to sitting on those eggs. Iced tea anyone?

Posting to Mary's Mosaic Monday at Little Red House. What beauty you'll see there.....Have a blessed week!