Vintage Bibles on Display

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
I've been busy getting things spruced up for summer and at the change of seasons around here I always set a new display on top of my old upright grand piano. For part of that display I have pulled out some old, vintage bibles that I hold near and dear. I first started with a vintage cake plate and added a old black King James Bible. I really am not sure where I got it. No name on the inside to help me out.
Then I add my children's Great, Great, Great Grandma's Bible. What a treasure!

So much history in this bible. Here is the inscription. The bible dates from 1864.
A sweet little bookmark from inside the bible. Isn't it a beauty? The colors are still so vibrant!
Next I add a star shaped votive holder and a miniture bible that was found in a long ago abandoned farm house. It is in perfect condition and even still has the little magnifying glass that came with it.

Cover it all with a cloche and you have the centerpiece of my display.
Stay tuned and I'll post the rest of the display next week for Tabletop Tuesday!

Posting to Suzanne's Vintage Thingie Thursday! Happy Memorial Day!