Recent Vintage (Thrifty) Finds

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
I've had really great fortune when thrift shopping lately. Wonderful vintage finds that will go into tablescapes very soon!

First up is a set of National Silverplate (with the name King Edward on it). The pattern is CALVALCADE (love that name) and it is from 1946. No serving pieces but I have 6 each of the knives, forks, spoons & soup spoons. A good set for my uses.

The second set I was not able to get as much information. The set is marked Wm. Rogers & Sons and it is my understanding that name was actually used by International in the early 1900's...the styling would suggest it is that old. Sadly there is not an even *set* of these, but there are enough for 5 place settings.

Click to enlarge a close-up of the spoon.

Both partial sets came in this box that seems to be the original box for the Wm. Rogers & Sons set.

The box is worn and scratched but I am glad to have it. The box and both partial sets were $10.00 at Goodwill.

Same trip to the GW netted these pink damask napkins. I've picked up a lot of pink lately so these will come in handy, Only 7 napkins for $4.00.

A few weeks back I visited GW, and found 4 of these boxes lurking under a table.

My heart about skipped a beat at the thought that the original dishes could possibly be in the boxes......not only were they, but 3 of the boxes had NEVER been opened!

Inside was the sweetest little 5 piece place settings.....A plate, soup/salad bowl, dessert bowl and cup & saucer. I paid $3.00 per place setting!

The green tablecloth underneath is a lovely vintage green linen....and it has a stain right in the middle. Too bad but most of the fabric is still wonderful, so I will cut it up for napkins. I actually have a set of placemats I recently got at TJMaxx that are exactly the same color.

Stayed tune for tablescapes but in the meantime, visit all Suzanne's Vintage Thingie Thursday participants for lots more vintage fun!