*Vintage* Tissue Paper Flowers

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Have you ever made flowers from tissue or crepe paper? We did this all the time when I was a girl. I think of them as vintage or old-fashioned. I am co-hosting a double baby shower this weekend. My co-host is in charge of the games (blah, I hate doing the games, lol) and I am in charge of the food and decorations. We (read that *I*) set the theme VINTAGE Baby. We have a girl baby (Eliana Elise) and a boy baby (Silas James) so we're going to have lots of pastels...blue, pink, green, yellow and lavender. I've collected a lot of the vintage Napco baby planters and needed something to put in them. Our budget is limited and I'd rather spend it on food and such, not live plants or flowers. If it was summer, I'd be raiding peoples gardens but alas, the flowers are done for the year.

After some thought, I settled on making pastel colored paper flowers. I've told a few people of this plan and they look at me like I've sprouted another head. Never heard of paper flowers? Well, they are easy, fun and best of all very budget friendly. I got a multi-pack of pastel tissue paper at Dollar Tree. That is enough for 60 flowers. The only other supplies needed are floral wire, floral tape, scissors and a wire cutter (unless you buy precut wire).

I am sharing a video tutorial for making paper flowers and will be sharing lots more from the shower in the next week including recipes and tablescapes. My flowers differ only in that I use a wire instead of string and then floral tape the wire to form a stem.

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