Radish Revolution

Thursday, July 28, 2011
Am I the very last person on the face of earth to know that radishes, sweet creamery butter (unsalted) and sea salt is the GREATEST food combo there is?
Sadly, radishes have a history of languishing in my house. I have great intentions when I plant them (or buy them), but they have gone underused.
THAT was then........this is NOW!!!
In case you're concerned that I am eating too much butter (is there really such a thing -- said in my best Paula Deen accent, lol), I just had my cholesterol checked as part of my annual physical and since my number is under 150 (well, just under, total cholesterol was 148 -- pretty good for this low-carb eating old gal), I'll indulge in this sinful snack occasionally without guilt -- besides, the health benefits from radishes include cholesterol reduction (doesn't that counter the butter, lol), stablizing blood pressure, support of liver and digestive health and cancer prevention -- YAY RADISHES (with sweet creamery butter and sea salt, lol)!