Nebraska Junk Jaunt

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Since moving to Nebraska, I have wanted to *do* the annual Nebraska Junk Jaunt. Mostly because my sweet friend helps her Mom each year with manning her booth and always tells me all about it (she knows of my love of junk and all things olden). Every year SOMETHING comes up that keeps me from jaunting. This year was no different. I long ago made plans with my daughters that will take us out of town. I was totally bummed but that is how it works sometimes. There is a little consignment shop near my work that is rarely opened BUT I noticed a sign on their door last week that said they would be opening for the Jaunt....AND they would be opened BOTH Thursday and Friday before the weekend. I was too busy on Thursday but decided that I'd scoot over there on my lunch hour on Friday.

I don't know about you but sometimes I just see something that I FEEL is supposed to be mine. I saw lots of wonderful antiques and decor items that caught my attention but nothing had THAT feeling -- UNTIL I wandered out to the back of the building and there IT was -- a 3 piece set of vintage wicker furniture. Now I have been searching for the right set -- suffienctly olden and aged enough that I wouldn't feel badly about painting it BLACK. I wanted a sofa AND a rocker...this set has both and another chair besides AND it has already been painted black (although needs some sprucing up). It was priced too high and I was walking away when I was asked how much would I be willing to pay -- I stated 1/2 of the asking price, SURE they would have NO willingness to go that low, but knowing that was what my budget could bear -- the gal asked me if I would LOVE the set -- YES, I WOULD -- she explained that she didn't want to get rid of it but had to downsize her home and no longer had a place for it. With the agreement that I would ♥ LOVE ♥ it, the deal was struck. Now, how do I get it into the back of a Honda Odyssey? Remember, I am on my lunch hour and about 30 miles from home so no multiple trips to get it home. Anyway, there was a VERY nice young man there purchasing another piece of furniture who took it upon himself to help this daffy damsel -- he spoke NO ENGLISH but we communicated thru gestures and he very carefully got it all into my car and it made it home. I pray God heaps special blessings on that young man :)

New paint and the original cushions will get a new coverings. I cannot wait to find the perfect, vintage looking fabric.

Last spring I *found* a wicker swing curbside (as in waiting for the trash pick up). Dear son and his girlfriend went and picked it up for me.

Now I'll finally get it painted black too and hung.

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for another chair and a couple tables -- in the meantime I have an old GW find tray table that I'll paint black to serve as a coffee table in front of the sofa.

I cannot wait to serve tea on the porch!

AND I can just imagine reading to my little grandson (we've found out our little baby due in January is a BOY) on this rocker next summer! Life is GRAND!!

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