Showers of Blessings!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
I LOVE that old hymn.

It's a busy week at Faithfulness Farms! On Saturday I am the behind-the-scenes person for the baby shower brunch that youngest daughter is throwing for oldest daughter. Mostly, that means I am doing a lot of the work, lol. I am not minding at all.

My sweet sister designed and made the invitations and those went into the mail the instant Christmas was over. A friend of my daughter offered up her beautiful home since I live 25 miles away and she is going to handle the decorations. That really only leaves me to get the food in order and planning some activities. Have I told you that I am NOT a fan of shower games? We have something else planned - should be really special. I'll share that with you all next week (with a product review AND a giveaway). I LOVE hosting brunches -- easy-peasy food.

The menu is: A *yet-to-be determined breakfast casserole* (daughter is not very thrilled with eggs these days, so I am still searching and taking suggestions), fruit (oranges and bananas), sausage links and bacon, cherry coffeecake & Mrs. Vick's Apricot Scones (daughter request - they are her favorites). There will also be Citrus Punch, Coffee & Tea as well as Blue Velvet Cupcakes w/Cream Cheese Frosting, nuts and blue candies. Look for the coffeecake recipe this weekend.

Right now my house is in a state of packing up to head to Tiff's house first thing Saturday morning. I have *stuff* stacked everywhere it seems, lol.

I did get finished with both my grandbaby's special blanket as well as his girlfriends (the baby girl of daughter's sweet friend also due this month).

When I was a teen, the members of a club I belonged to hosted a baby shower for the woman who was our leader. I was shown how to make these cute diaper nut cups and have been making them every since for every baby shower I am involved with -- first grandbaby's is no exception.

You need:
flannel fabric cut into 6-inch squares and then cut in half on the diagonal to form a triangle. I got 36 triangles from 1/2 yard of flannel. I use pinking shears to make them extra cute.
Paraffin Wax - I used Gulf wax available where canning supplies are sold
small safety pins

WARNING: Hot wax burns. Be very careful.

Place bricks of paraffin in a saucepan and place over low heat until completely melted. Meanwhile, fold the *diapers* (gathering the 3 points together) and secure with safely pins. When wax is melted, remove from heat and allow to cool a bit (it will still be melted but not quite as hot). Dip each diaper into the melted wax, shake off excess and set diaper onto a baking sheet, use your hands to shape into *cup* shape. Repeat with each. Allow to harden (this can be speeded up by putting them into the refrigerator for a few minutes). Once hardened, fill with nuts. Again, an extra cute thing is to tie the nuts in a round of tulle first.

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