Monday Musings

Monday, March 5, 2012

I wanted to issue a reminder that the GIVEAWAY for Gooseberry Patch’s 10th Anniversary Edition of Meals in Minutes ends tomorrow. The winner will be announced on Wednesday – be sure to ENTER and take advantage of BONUS #1 and BONUS #2.

Last Friday marked the end of my 2nd Fiscal Fast for 2012. Again I was able to go the entire week (PLUS - YAY!) without spending. I had a fraud issue in my checking account and my debit card was shut down – good thing I wasn’t spending. It made it easy to sort out my business from the fraudulent activity and I didn’t miss the debit card being out of commission for the few days it took for me to get a new one. Yesterday evening I did make a quick trip (list in hand) to Walmart for some essentials and then made a pass thru the do-it-yourself car wash. Again this month I busied myself working on projects that I had previously purchased supplies for (don't we all have those) and used my public library for entertainment. In the end, I had finished up some things that needed finishing and got to drop off the books I read instead of having to store books that I purchased. Next Fiscal Fast begins 3/24.

We had a very spring-like weather all weekend – including wind – LOTS of wind. I guess that is why kites are sold in March, lol. I am so excited about Daylight Savings Time starting next weekend. That means I get to move my training for my 10K run OUTSIDE!! I am not a big fan of DREADmill running. Probably stems from the fact that the women in my family are proficient at FALLING (we get that from our Mom, lol).

Gabe the Babe came to visit me this weekend too. His Momma went back to work last week and it was her weekend rotation. We had such a nice time. I’ve renamed my little dog. She is no longer Josie but now called JoJo the Super Nanny. She loves Gabe and is so concerned about his care. If he even stirs, she comes to get someone to take care of his needs.

Wising everyone a blessed week!