10 Things I LOVE About Spring!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012
HAPPY MAY DAY!! Okay, so I know that spring is in full swing -- has been for a while. That said, until April 17, I really didn't have much time to notice. I've been making a point of noticing since then.

I do have to admit that I usually don't think of myself as a *spring person* but as I thought of my list, I found that there are TONS of things I love about spring besides that winter is finally over. This list is both random and in no particular order - just what popped into my noggin.

Longer days - the longer days do come along kind of gradually and then Daylight Savings Time starts and there seems to be so much more day for spending.

Sleeping with the windows open - Sleeping with windows open only happens in Nebraska in the spring and fall months -- too cold in winter and too hot in summer. I love hearing the outside sounds -- a distant train, crickets, leaves rustling in the breeze, thunder in the distance.......
Spring Cleaning - YEP, I even love spring cleaning. That doesn't happen until tax season comes to an end but once it does I LOVE digging in and cleaning up. Organizing, clearing cobwebs and rearranging things are all things I enjoy.

Green – the entire greening process of the grasses and leafing of the trees! Seems like the prairie goes from black and white to GREEN in a flash.

RAIN – we sometimes get some more severe weather in the spring . Although I love a good thunderstorm at times, the soaking, gentle rain is my favorite. The robins out hunting for worms are such a fun sight.

NO Coat (or scarf, or gloves, or hat) – Okay, this is the Southern CA girl (I was raised in San Diego) showing. I HATE coats and all that goes with them, lol. Mostly I hate being all bundled up and then going into stores and such that are warm -- do you hear the menopausal, hot-flash prone complainer that I can be, lol.

FLOWERS ~ My dear Grandma instilled such a love of flowers in me -- like me, she had many favorites but Irises were pretty much at the top of the list -- MOST of the spring flowers are on my list but Irises do have a special place in my heart.

More time OUTDOORS ~ Running, walking, biking, gardening, puttering in the yard, sitting on the porch or deck with a cup of coffee or glass of wine, lunch or even supper on the deck......I just love being outdoors!

Sale season ~ No matter what they are called in your neck of the woods - garage sales, yard sales, rummage sales, tag sales -- spring is when the season opens for the year. Also, spring is prime time for thrift shopping. Gotta love that!! I am 2 (TWO) sizes smaller than I was last spring/summer so I have been a shopping fool :)
Sunrises, Moonrises, Stargazing ~ and just about any other times on the porch w/cuppa in my hand. Really enjoying my wicker furniture find from last fall and getting in lots of porch time this spring!

So there is 10 and I didn't even mention baseball, gardening, sandals, baby animals (REALLY have enjoyed seeing the calves this year) or any of the other wonderful things that warmer weather brings :)

Get out and enjoy what is left of spring -- better start thinking about my summer list :)