Monday, June 11, 2012
Do you remember me saying last winter that my favorite tree had been damaged in our last snow storm? As a rule, trees don't fair well on the prairie.
That prompted a visit from the *tree guy*. He said he would be able to trim and save this tree.
BUT he recommended the removal of 4 others.
That was such sad news to me.
I love these old trees.
BUT they were at the point of being dangerous.....and my yard gets little to no direct sunlight.
Things change -- better to have them removed before they come down on the house.
Looking to the brightside -- less leaves to rake in the fall AND no more picking up dead branches after every storm or blowing of the wind.
So after a day of downing and then stump grinding......
I am left with my pine AND one trimmed up old friend -- and the rest are a memory....
AND I've planted SUNFLOWERS because now the sun can reach them.

Things change -- change can be good!