My Favorite FAST Food

Sunday, December 2, 2012
Transparent here -- this was not the blog post I had planned for this weekend. That one will have to wait until later in the week. This weekend just took off on me and ended up much busier than I had planned. In my *old-ways-days*, that would have most likely meant that at least one meal would have been at a fast food sort of place.
Notice that these are Gluten-Free
Now I know you can special order in those places and get a decent low-carb meal, but I try to eat at home when possible. So my go-to fast food is now a rotisserie chicken from Sam's club. First, do you know what a GREAT value they are? In my area $4.88 buys you one and they are HUGE -- cost less than a raw bird of the same size. I picked one of these up on Friday evening and brought it home and stripped the meat off. I ended up eating a Chicken Ceasar Salad with lots of shaved Parmesan and no croutons -- if you have even eaten a restaurant meal with me you know that is pretty much my standard order when eating out. This only put a small dent in my chicken, so into the fridge with the rest.

On Saturday, #1 daughter and grandbaby came over so #2 daughter could get some photos for Christmas cards. Looking to use some of that chicken up AND not wanting to lose 1 second of my grandbaby time making a fussy meal, I whipped up more fast food.
For dinner we had Chicken-Roasted Poblano Alfredo Bake and a simple romaine salad. The chicken bake is as easy as it gets - 3 ingredients -- rotisserie chicken (or any pre-cooked chicken OR turkey meat you have on hand), Classico's Roasted Poblano Alfredo sauce (1/4 cup in each serving is 3g carbs) and pre-shredded Mozzarella cheese (or cheese of choice). Easy-peasy and so yummy. I fed the three of us, plus gave grandbaby some of the chicken with his dinner (and don't forget that I had the salad the night before) AND I still have enough chicken left for 2-3 lunch salads this week. A great value - both of time and money.

Do you have a go-to item when time is a crunch? Planning ahead, even for the too-busy-to-cook times keeps me on plan and there are no temptations -- except for being tempted to spend all my time with this sweetie!!