Monday, October 25, 2010
I learned how to embroider as a little girl. It is something I have always enjoyed. I have a set of pillow cases that I made for my grandma when I was 9 or 10 and I retrieved them after she passed on. Kind of crude but I've learned with practice.

I moved from simple embroidery to cross stitching and then back to simple embroidery...most specifically REDWORK. It is my very favorite. I want to share A Redwork Embroidery Primer for anyone who is interested in knowing more about Redwork.

Last year I was shopping my favorite thrifty store and found a zippered freezer bag FULL of skeens of red embroidery floss. I knew I could put them to good use and they were priced at only $2.00. So I purchased them, brought them home and stuffed them in a crafting drawer and moved on.

I had a few small projects I was working on but what I had in my embroidery basket was enough that I didn't need to seek out my thrifty purchase until recently. What a surprise I had in store for me. Not only was this beautiful, vibrant, red floss, it was from American Thread Co. (the Star Thread folks) and the skeens are marked 5¢ each. Oh, long ago was embroidery floss only 5¢ a skeen!

I am currently working on a little red sunbonnet sue for a apron pocket panel for a swap I am participating in. Shhhh...don't tell my swap partner!

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