Delmar Lace & Old Doilies

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Remember my repurposed doily tablerunner project? I knew I had the perfect dishes to do a sweet tablescape using my new runner. Isn't it all just perfect for dessert and coffee?
I have a few crazed, chippy, faded pieces of Delmar Lace by Royal China. Although they are crazed, chippy and faded, I love them. I've used some old Homer Laughlin plates as chargers. They are in about the same condition as the Royal pieces.
No romantic story behind them, just thrifty finds. Although they do remind me of dishes that my great-grandmother had. I remember spending a few days at her house as a teenager....just her and I. She lived several hundred miles from where we lived and we only saw her once a year or so. She left quite an impression on me though. My oldest daughter, Jessica, is named for her. When I stayed with Grandma Jessie, she was in her 90's (she was born in 1885) and still living on her own. During that stay, we had tea in the evenings in her dishes. These old dishes do remind me of that time. Oh, I guess there is a little romance in these thrifty dishes.
I wish I had a full set but alas, I only have a few pieces....4 cups & saucers, 6 small dessert bowls and 8 small dessert plates. Enough for a dessert setting for 4.
I shopped the house to complete the tablescape. Pink crepe paper flowers. As a girl, I loved crepe made the most fun things.
Vintage relish bowls hold the crepe paper roses.
Vintage ercu napkins with crocheted edging matches the tea stained runner.

Old textile spools hold votive candles.

Old mismatched silver plate fork & spoon at the ready for eating dessert.

Pretty pink roses bringing out the faded pink of the dishes.

I have a confession. Last summer I saw the sweetest blog post (cannot remember who's) where old china plates were used to edge a flower bed. I decided I wanted to do that, but once I started picking up old plates, I didn't have the heart to set them outside. Aren't I a sap?...oh, well, the way I see it, these still have a few parties left in them!

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