Keller UPDATE!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Here is an update from Keller's Daddy:

Surgery is over. The surgeon was very pleased with the outcome. They were able to remove about 80% of the tumor. It was a very low grade glioma which is benign. At this point he will just have to have MRI's every so often to monitor the remaining portion. If it doesn't grow back he should be to go. If it does, he will have to have some chemotherapy but the surgeon said they have had excellent results with chemotherapy and this type of tumor. All in all a very good prognosis. Thank you all so much for you thoughts and prayers. Please continue to pray that his follow-ups are good and he can get back to being a healthy little boy. More later...

Thank you ALL for praying -- we serve such an AWESOME God! Please continue to pray that the remaining tumor doesn't grow.