Today's Thrifty Treasures

Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm sharing my ~Today's Thrifty Treasures~

Firstly, I'm new at this an want to say thank you for Rhoda and her lovely blog.

Now I want to say that I have been coveting hutches lately. I've been wanting one, praying for one, drooling over all the ones I've seen (you get the idea here). Then I remembered that I WAS blessed with a lovely cabinet. I bought it back in April at a garage sale for $100.00. Such a steal. But I never thought of it as a *hutch*.....then I allowed my thinking to get rearranged. On Saturday my dear daughter Jadyn Rose and I rearranged furniture and I brought my new *hutch* into the dining room. Then I washed and arranged my newest china find (Noritake 1952..not sure of the pattern name yet...only $25.00 at garage sale) and was just pleased as punch with the results. God had already blessed me with what I was praying for. Such a silly thing I am!

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  1. Lovely piece, what a great find! Thanks for joining the party today.

    Just wanted to tell you that your background is really getting in the way of reading your post, it's all overlapped, so very hard to read. Just in case you didn't know!

  1. Oh, and Gail, I know you are a new blogger, but when you join a party with Mr. Linky, you will need to put the actual POST url and not just your blog url. If you have any questions, let me know. Also, let me give you a tip on how to link within your post. When you want a group of words or just one word linked, type it in your post, highlight the word or words, then click on the world icon (round with a paperclip thing), and open up the box. Then paste in the url of where you want that link to go, click OK and it will save it and the word(s) will be linked live. You don't have to paste the whole string of url into your post & it looks much better that way. Just a tip!

  1. Marie said...:

    Hello Gail - love your new hutch! The way you've arranged everything inside looks fabulous. Also love your hanging baskets and barn star! Thank you for sharing.


  1. Hi Gail, and welcome to blogging! Your china looks beautiful in the cabinet -- brilliant idea! Isn't it funny how what we want is sometimes right under our noses?

    I'm going to join your blog as a follower - I want to see where you are going. You are a delightful writer!

  1. Emilie Kaiser said...:

    Oh my gosh...I love your dishes!! Those are fantastic and your hutch reminds me of my Grandma's!

  1. Jerralea said...:

    I love those dishes! You got a deal for $25! And I would love to have a cabinet like yours. Great job!

  1. I have a set of china just like belonged to my mother.

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