Snow, AGAIN!!

Monday, January 4, 2010
It has snowed here in Nebraska....A LOT! And the trust Farmer's Almanic says there is more on it's way.

North Central U.S. Weather
January 2010
4th-7th. Milder, then snowy from Rockies east. 8th-11th. Fair, then stormy. Heavy snows across Plains, up to 20" possible. 12th-15th. Fair, cold. 16th-19th. Light snow across Plains, windy. 20th-23rd. Becoming stormy, milder. 24th-27th. Stormy. Snow Southern Plains. 28th-31st. Fair, then showers.
February 2010
1st-3rd. Light snow Colorado, Plains. 4th-7th. Major storm brings heavy snow from Montana east. Accumulations of 8"-16". 8th-11th. Clearing, colder. 12th-15th. Fair, then flurries Plains. 16th-19th. Stormy over the Rockies. 20th-23rd. Snowstorm for Plains heaviest in Kansas. 24th-28th. Becoming unsettled Rockies. Fair, cold Plains.
March 2010
1st-3rd. Fair, cold.

Since there isn't a thing I can do about the weather, I'm trying to remember that being house bound can a good thing. I'm being more deliberate about trips out and combining trips when possible and working at home when I can.

So while sticking close to home, I'm thinking about warm drinks and pots of soup and fresh from the oven loaves of bread to make the winter days less dreary. Stay warm!


  1. Jeanette said...:

    Brrrrr, my hands are cold and I am shivering for you. Temp here is a toasty 53. Keep yourself busy and keep the house bright. Good luck.

  1. Those are some pretty wintery photos. I completely agree with you about embracing January weather, puttering around and being a homebody while making some yummy soup. This is the first year I have a positive attitude about the cold months and am learning to embrace the seasons. ♥

  1. We aren't getting much of the snow...but the temps are below zero and I'm going out as little as possible. I really don't like winter, but having a break in the sunshine over Christmas has really made my attitude better about it the past 3 winters. I'm digging out the crockpot today myself.


  1. Pretty pictures of snow in the trees. We are getting lots of snow too, one state to your south. And they say another big storm on Wednesday.

  1. Lori E said...:

    When nature gives you snowmen. Then come inside for something warm and tasty to drink.

  1. Beautiful snow!
    Gail Thank you! all prayers accepted and appreciated.

  1. Beautiful! I love snow- It makes me feel cozy!
    I love the idea of cooking off a chicken for soup and chicken salad! Yummy. Thanks for doing this challenge with me, Gail!
    Hugs and blessings,

  1. Brrrr! We drove from California to Kentucky this summer and loved our time in Nebraska! The snow is beautiful!

  1. Kathleen said...:

    Here too, are not alone..But as my dear mom used to say..It IS winter!

    Hope you are warm and cozy!

  1. danahanley said...:

    Here in Nebraska?! How have I not discovered your blog before now? Namely, I'm here in Nebraska, too!

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