Time is Running out on 2009

Thursday, December 31, 2009
Wishing and praying New Year Blessings!

New Years Prayer

Thank you Lord for giving me
The brand new year ahead
Help me live the way I should
As each new day I tread.

Give me gentle wisdom
That I might help a friend
Give me strength and courage
So a shoulder I might lend.

The year ahead is empty
Help me fill it with good things
Each new day filled with joy
And the happiness it brings.

Please give the leaders of our world
A courage born of peace
That they might lead us gently
And all the fighting cease.

Please give to all upon this earth
A heart that's filled with love
A gentle happy way to live
With Your blessings from above.

Charlotte Anselmo


  1. cityfarmer said...:

    amen and amen
    Happy New Year

  1. What a wonderful poem. I do love the feeling of starting clean at the beginning of the new year. If only it didn't usually have snow with it!

    Happy New Year...be safe!


  1. Linda Stubbs said...:

    The scripture at the top right touched my soul!!!!! What a testimony you have given the Lord!!!
    Thank you so much for being a part of my blog. You are a blessing!!!!!!!

    Blessings, Linda
    Prairie Flower

  1. MyJourneyBack said...:

    Oh I love this poem. Do you mind if I use it? I haven't been by in a while so I'll comment on a couple of posts. Love your idea about cleaning out the freezer and using what you have. I so need to do that. The chili and corn sticks sounds so yummy! I am pleased for you that you have found time to quilt. I love to quilt also. I am facinated with fancy machine quilting and attempt. Good luck on your new project. And you got 2 quilts done that is an achievement. I got do started in '09! Maybe we can buddy up and encourage each other. I am hoping to add some quiltiness to my blog. I hope your New Year is amazing. Sorry I wrote a letter.

  1. Great Poem!
    Happy New Year...sorry I'm late...

  1. A lovely poem to start off the year! Thanks for sharing and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Coralie

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