Vintage Bibles on Display

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
I've been busy getting things spruced up for summer and at the change of seasons around here I always set a new display on top of my old upright grand piano. For part of that display I have pulled out some old, vintage bibles that I hold near and dear. I first started with a vintage cake plate and added a old black King James Bible. I really am not sure where I got it. No name on the inside to help me out.
Then I add my children's Great, Great, Great Grandma's Bible. What a treasure!

So much history in this bible. Here is the inscription. The bible dates from 1864.
A sweet little bookmark from inside the bible. Isn't it a beauty? The colors are still so vibrant!
Next I add a star shaped votive holder and a miniture bible that was found in a long ago abandoned farm house. It is in perfect condition and even still has the little magnifying glass that came with it.

Cover it all with a cloche and you have the centerpiece of my display.
Stay tuned and I'll post the rest of the display next week for Tabletop Tuesday!

Posting to Suzanne's Vintage Thingie Thursday! Happy Memorial Day!


  1. very nice. I love old books, have a couple old bibles and last year found an old German copy of C H Spurgeon's Morning and Evening!! I do not however, yet have a cloche.

  1. Ann said...:

    What a fantastic idea for a cloche...I really love it!
    The Tattered Tassel

  1. FLOWERSHOPGURL said...:

    What precious treasures. I love all the writing inside the bible, such history. Thank you for sharing!

  1. Coloradolady said...:

    vintage bibles hold a fascination with me too. I always wonder where they came from and who owned them, it is amazing to find these in thrift stores every once in a while. Have a great VTT!

  1. Postcardy said...:

    I love the inscription page.

  1. Lady Farmer said...:

    What a wonderful collection of Bibles. And what a treasure to have hubby's great, great grandma's Bible! Beautiful display! Thank you for sharing!
    Be Blessed!

  1. Grannys Attic said...:

    What a great idea. I have my great grandma bible and my grannys I am going to get them out tomorrow and do a display like yours. Thanks for sharing, Vicky

  1. Gail, Your family bible is a rare treasure indeed! It makes me think of the generations of faithfulness that must be your family legacy! Can you imagine the lineage of heavenly saints that you will see someday when you are called home? WOW!
    This cloche is probably the most meaningful one I have ever seen. If it were mine it would be a permanent tabletop display.


  1. Sarah said...:

    That is really neat! I'd love to have a family Bible!


  1. basketsbyrose said...:

    I will have to pull out the family bible, and see if I can do something with them. You have my mind working overtime!

  1. I would have never thought of displaying old Bibles like this! It's a wonderful idea. When I was a child, there was a man who seemed to always be in the downtown area and he gave away miniature Bibles. Not as quaint as the one your husband found but very sweet ones. He gave me a white one. In my many moves as an adult, I've lost that Bible. I hope someone has found it and is treating it well.

    Nice to meet you! Please come for a visit.

    I've become a "follower" since I want to read more of your blog and find out the "story" on all the iron cookware I'm seeing.


  1. Ulla said...:

    The feel of old leather covered books is lovely.

  1. Liz said...:

    AWESOME!! I love these. What a great collection!

  1. LV said...:

    I enjoyed so much seing all your old bible treasures. This was a great idea for your post today.

  1. A wonderful display. It's so nice that you used the Bibles as the centerpiece of it. Very appropriate.

    I'm visiting from the Coloradolady. Please drop by my cottage and take a peek at the three linky parties I'm starting up in June.

    Have a blessed Memorial weekend!

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  1. Kathy said...:

    Absolutely love your collection of Bibles! When we go to garage/Estate Sales my husband looks for old Bibles first!
    Beautiful display,
    God bless,

  1. AshTreeCottage said...:

    Lovely treasures!!

    Susan and Bentley

  1. P. said...:

    It's so great that you have your husband's gg-grandmother's Bible. Your display looks very nice together!

  1. Debbie said...:

    I love this display. I love the Word, whether old or new, but there is just something about a well worn Bible that is particularly beautiful to me.


  1. Linda said...:

    I adore the way you have put this together! Wonderful vignette. I've enjoyed my visit to your blog.

  1. FLOWERSHOPGURL said...:

    Hi, Just popping back in to say thank you for visiting and leaving your sweet comment on my Vintage Thingies Thursday...Wicker Pram! I was so excited when I found this wicker pram with the red and white gingham hood and red wheels, I knew, of course, that I had to add red geraniums.

  1. Hello Miz. Farmgirl, what a wonderful post today. Old Bibles are so special but family ones are even better. We received a beautiful one for a wedding gift and that makes it 50 years old now. It will go to someone in the family for sure. Thanks for your visit. blessings

  1. Michelle said...:

    Wow! Your husband's great grandmother's bible is a real treasure. Your display looks great! I couldn't help but notice the crocheted doily in some of the pictures. Lovely.

  1. Lovely vignette and your bible from 1864 is so wonderful!

    Happy VTT,

  1. nancycreative said...:

    Those Bibles are real treasures--thanks for sharing!

  1. What Treasures!

  1. Oh, such treasures and they look so beautiful in the cloche (plus, they stay protected). How lucky you are to have such wonderful things.

  1. Ann said...:

    Your vignette in the cloche looks fantastic. The Bibles are so neat, the writing makes them so special. So many, many years ago. Thanks for your visit today.

  1. Tara Beaulieu said...:

    Very nice display you have created! Family bibles are true treasures indeed- you are fortunate to have a few in such wonderful condition. Happy VTT!

  1. katie said...:

    I love how you have displayed your bibles. I have never seen a bible so small before.

  1. How dear this is! I know you treasure them as I do my grandmother's old Bible. Thanks for your very sweet visit to my bluebird table.

  1. Roslyn said...:

    Love the display & what precious old Bibles. Such treasures you have there.

  1. Miri said...:

    Very nice! What a wonderful family heirloom you have in your husband's family Bible!

  1. What wonderful treasures! :D I would love to have some old Bibles to display.

  1. I LUV your Bible collection and how you've displayed them. Thank you for another wonderful post filled with goodness and ideas.

  1. Diann said...:

    That group of bibles are just wonderful! What a lovely collection! And I love the way you have them displayed. Perfect!!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Memorial Day!!

  1. Sharon said...:

    How beautiful Gail! I love your cloche display. The Bibles are just wonderful, I too love old Bibles and even better when there are inscriptions, bookmarks or notes left behind. Thanks for sharing !

  1. Denise Marie said...:

    wonderful post!! love the lil "pocket" bible and mag glass!!

  1. Terra said...:

    Your Bible display is so meaningful, and done creatively. The small Bible with its magnifying glass is a special treasure and you had a great idea to use the cloche to protect them.

  1. Sandi (Meme) said...:

    What a great post! I'm so interested in old bibles, and yours are truly special! I notice you live in Hastings, NE. We have quite a few friends from Hastings. How fun to have met you thru your blog. I wanted to thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment about my vintage napkins. I so enjoyed getting to meet you! Hope you have a wonderful week! Sandi

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