From The Hymnal ~ He Leadeth Me and A Faithfulness Farm Update

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

I want to extend a BIG Thank-you for all the lovely comments, emails and most especially prayers. God is so gracious! Things are better and I had a HUGE wake-up call. My son was involved in a pretty devastating car accident -- and God was good enough to allow him to walk away with only minor injuries. That puts things into perspective. I am reminding myself often that without a TEST, there is no testimony. Life is still a trial some days, but thru it all, He Leadeth Me!!

He Leadeth Me

He leadeth me: O blessed thought!
O words with heavenly comfort fraught!
Whate'er I do, where'er I be,
still 'tis God's hand that leadeth me.

He leadeth me, he leadeth me,
by his own hand he leadeth me;
his faithful follower I would be,
for by his hand he leadeth me.

Sometimes mid scenes of deepest gloom,
sometimes where Eden's bowers bloom,
by waters still, o'er troubled sea,
still 'tis his hand that leadeth me.

Lord, I would place my hand in thine,
nor ever murmur nor repine;
content, whatever lot I see,
since 'tis my God that leadeth me.

And when my task on earth is done,
when by thy grace the victory's won,
e'en death's cold wave I will not flee,
since God through Jordan leadeth me.

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful song :) :) :) th is is just gorgeous and they way it's present here, really makes this hymn come alive :) :) Thanks for this :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  1. Gail glad to see you back but even more I am glad your son is okay. Life has a way of smacking us into reality sometimes. At least for me. Hope you are feeling much better and we see you again soon.

  1. Carmen C. said...:

    That's amazing he's Ok by looking at that car, but glad to hear it!!!

  1. Mecky said...:

    Oh Gail. I am so thankful your son is ok. How scary. Both of my girls have been in bad accidents and it is horrifying. God is truely Good.

    Have a nice day

  1. So glad your son is ok Gail, it's nice to hear from you:@)

  1. Debbie said...:

    I stand with you in praise and thanksgiving for your son's safety through the accident.

    I love that song in a big way, and I'm listening to your version right now as I type. It's wonderful.

    I loved what you said about the "test" in "testimony". That was wonderful.

  1. farmlady said...:

    Thank God your son is all right.
    Lovely song....

  1. Olive Cooper said...:

    Even if the worst tragedy had happened the song would still be true but thank God your son is fine.

  1. Pam said...:

    I love that hymn! So glad your son made it out okay! I love your quote that we cannot have a testimony without a "test". Thanks for sharing!

  1. Annesphamily said...:

    Beautiful hymn! I am so happy your son is ok. That car is crumpled like a piece of paper! Oh My Goodness! Anne

  1. Barbara said...:

    Amen I love it, hugs for your Sonday,

  1. Oh Gail, I am so thankful that Jared is OK!!! I'm looking at your picture of his car and thinking that nothing but a miracle saved him. What a wonderful hymn. One of my favorites too. Candi has a beautiful voice.

  1. Oh, Gail! What a trial. I can't think of anything more devestating than to have something befall our children.
    I am so thankful that Jaren is okay! God is so faithful hearing our prayers.
    Yes, He does lead us. And He is there in those horrible trials too. Praise HIm!
    I will continue to pray for you and your family.
    Take all the time you need to love you son up!
    xo Yvonne

  1. Shug said...:

    Just now catching up on all my reading...OMG...the looks of that car!! So glad that the Lord had your son covered with protection...A Huge Blessing.

    May God continue to Bless your family...

  1. Gail, I haven't stopped by in awhile, but you've been on my mind - thinking about Jared's plans for the Fall. I am so thankful God protected him! I'm now praying for you as well as you work through this "struggle" season in your life. Stand firm in your faith, and God will, once again, walk with you THROUGH to the other side.

  1. John said...:

    The song was good. I'm sorry to hear about the accident. I hope he gets over with those injuries soon.

  1. Tina said...:

    Gail, I am just now seeing this post. With Blogger messing up and my life being so busy, I haven't be able to read much.
    But...I am Thanking God with you that your son is ok! I know how scary it is to get that call!
    Love the song...I needed that this morning!
    God Bless you my friend!!

  1. The song barely started and I had chills! I listened a few seconds longer and the tears started flowing. What a beautiful voice and what an awesom Savior!

  1. She barely had a few notes out and I got the chills, a few more bars and the tears started to flow. What an awesome voice and a mighty God we serve!

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