10 Things I LOVE About Winter!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Okay, remember way back at the beginning of Fall, I posted my 10 Things I LOVE About Fall list? That was so easy for me to come up with off the top of my head -- I truly do love fall. BUT I felt a little convicted - after all, I am to find joy in all circumstances (in Philippians, Paul exhorts his readers to be joyful 16 times)...that means EVEN winter. I don't hate winter, but having been raised in San Diego, winter on the Nebraska prairie tends to still scare me -- especially the driving in it part, lol. Then there is the whole TAX SEASON thing -- those things aside, I was able (with some thought, lol) to come up with my list for winter.

1. Snow – okay, I am not talking about driving in it or even shoveling it, but there is something very quiet and serene about snow. For that reason, I love it.

2. Hot Beverages – Yes, coffee is an important one and I am LOVING Gingerbread K-Cups but also hot tea, hot cider, cocoa – YUM – a warm-up in a cup!

3. Soup – The poster-dish of all comfort foods! The entire process of soup is warming – the simmering, the sipping.......

4. Quilts - Not just having them stacked for covering with, but having the quilt frame up and hand-quilting away the long, house-bound days.

5. Books - No guilt that I should be weeding or mowing or some other productive activity...that is why I am a winter reader more than any other season. I can lose myself in a novel guilt-free. My favorite indulgence -- reading in bed - under the warm quilts! Here is my PINTREST Winter Reading List. Anything else you want to recommend to me?

6. Seed Catalogs - Oh, the fun to see them in my mailbox and to dream about what I will plan and plant when spring finally arrives.

7. Flannel Jammies - I do, I do - I LOVE snuggling into a well worn (softened) pair of flannel jammies! (Not a fan of flannel sheets though -- jammies are my limit, lol).
8. The string of holidays that winter brings - Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day and finally St. Paddy's Day - not to mention the birthdays -- youngest sister, youngest son, my dear daddy and now grandbaby will be joining that club. LOTS to celebrate!

9. Cardinal sightings -- when the world has turned to black and white the streak of scarlet is so easy to see. I love the little red boys and although the one who lives in my area is around year-round, it is in the winter months that I see him the most.

10. A new year - that new-again feeling of January - fresh starts and resolutions -- LOVE it all!

Okay, now it is YOUR turn -- I'd love to see your 10 Things I LOVE About Winter list! HAPPY first day of winter!!