Baby, Baby, Baby ~ My Favorite Baby Gift to Make & Take!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fair warning here. We are getting close to the time when our new little family member will be making his appearance -- I've done really well at sitting on my hands BUT you might want to know that baby posts are a coming :)

Have you ever noticed that babies kind of arrive in clusters? Some sweet friends from church just had baby girl #3 a couple weeks ago. Daughter was 1 of 3 pregnant at work - one baby born recently and another to be born about 6 weeks after daughter's. One of daughter's besties is having a baby due the week before her (a baby girl named Lydia -- our baby boy's first girlfriend, lol) and a niece is also expecting in the same time frame (another baby boy). Nothing like having babies around.

I tend to make and take the same gift to every shower or every first visit to a new baby. I recently finished the one I am sending to niece's baby and I thought I'd share it with you.

I use 2 1-1/4 yard lengths of flannel. Matching is fine but not matching is better. Right-sides together, stitch the 2 pieces together, leaving an opening of about 6-inches for turning. Trim corners to 1/4-inch of stitching. Turn right-sides out and top-stitch around perimeter of blanket, closing the opening you previously left for turning. Now you are ready to crochet your edging on.

Forevah I have used the same pattern book for my edgings BUT you can find tons of patterns available on the internet. I used #29 for this particular blanket.

I am very happy with the end result of this one. This baby will live in a very cold part of the country so that double thickness will be super warm. If for a summer baby, I have also used just a single-thickness and simply hemmed the raw edges before attaching my thread and crocheting.

Now that is complete and ready to tuck into the mail this next week, I have another one to start....

sshhhh...don't tell - this one is for grandbaby!

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