Cutting Board Resurfacing

Sunday, November 20, 2011
Have you seen my old wooden cutting board? I have several, but this one is my favorite. Can you tell it gets used A LOT? After seeing it in photos recently, I was EMBARRASSED and knew I needed to take some action and do something about the pitiful condition it was in. With all the chopping that will be going on in my kitchen over the next few days, I am glad to get this workhorse into better shape.

1. Clean your wooden cutting board using dish detergent and hot water to remove any particles.

2. Sanitize your cutting board using a solution consisting of one teaspoon of beach mixed with one quart of water.

3. Air-dry your cutting board until thoroughly dry.

4. Sand the cutting board using 100-180 grit sandpaper until the surface is free of scratches, notches, etc.

5. Finish sanding the cutting board surface with 400-600 grit sandpaper until the surface is smooth to the touch.

6. Clean the cutting board to remove any dust or remaining particles. Oil with board or mineral oil.

Use often and enjoy!!

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  1. Lynnie said...:

    What a lovely tutorial, it looks great! I know you are gonna be busy over the next few day!! I can hardly wait for our house to be full myself! Happy Thanksgiving.

  1. Great info Gail and your board looks like it's standing ready to go into holiday service-enjoy:@)

  1. Oh thanks for this. I need to do my cutting board as well. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Gail!!

  1. Anonymous said...:
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  1. Robin said...:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I was just thinking how I need to do something about mine. My Dad used to sand it down for me every 6 months or so when we lived in NJ. I will have to tackle this job myself. Happy Thanksgiving and happy cutting!

    Robin Flies South

  1. Martha said...:

    I am impressed. Mine has the "scars" of cooking but I may have to do something to it! Thanks for the "how to"

  1. Patty Sumner said...:

    I have requested a cutting board for Christmas from my Father-in-law. I hope I get one....yours are great! Good to know info on how to clean.....blessings!

  1. I so need to do this! Thanks for making it look easy and giving ALL the instructions.

  1. Debbie said...:

    It looks brand new! I'm a big fan of mineral oil. I use it on my butcher block table.

    Which is why I feel kind of "duh" that I hadn't thought about using it to spruce up my old cutting board.

  1. Very nice. I have an ancient cutting board that has been retired to hang on the wall in all its glory!

    I look forward to reading more...


  1. It looks so lovely and brand new now!!! :-) I have never re-sanded tops, but do use the bleach trick to clean mine.

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