Pink Saturday ~ Back to Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 19, 2011
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I am behind...very behind! Please forgive me if I haven't visited and left comments in a while. I work in the world of tax preparation and our first deadline is on the horizon .... FARM returns are due March 1st and since I live in farm country, many of our clients are farmers. All excuses aside, we did have a sweet Valentine's dinner and had friends over with their little girlies. I spread as much red and pink around as possible, including this gorgeous pink hyacinth for my centerpiece. A lovely sampling of what spring will bring. Happy Pink Saturday and thank you to Beverly for hosting!


  1. Cute table Gail! I haven't seen hyacinths in the stores yet, they are so cheerful and always remind me of spring:@)

  1. Kim McCallie said...:

    So pretty, Gail. I love your mini Dutch ovens. Love your tablescapes!

  1. Glad to see your back! I was looking around for you last night since I haven't heard from you in a while!
    Your table setting was beautiful!!! Glad you had a good Valentines day!
    Be sure to stay rested during this busy tax time!

  1. Donnie said...:

    I never realized that farmers had a different deadline. Loved your mosaic. Very spring like.

  1. Patty Sumner said...:

    Your table looks beautiful and the food looks yummy. I hope your tax prep goes well and gets over soon. Blessings!

  1. Olive Cooper said...:

    Gail, I too am behind on everything and I cringe at the thought of taxes but bless you for understanding them. ♥O

  1. farmlady said...:

    Getting behind and having to catching up seem to be a common trait with us lately. Don't apologize. It's a busy time for you.
    Love the Valentine's Table.

  1. OhPioneer1806 said...:

    Beautiful table setting as always Gail. I love the napkins. They make the table very festive without going over the top.

  1. Nancy...I made those napkins from some sale fabric and was thrilled with what they added to the table. Oh, and my family doesn't like dining at the over-the-top tables. I try to keep it simple.....they are for sharing meals not for show only :)


  1. Marie Anne said...:

    Beautiful! I have some grape hyacinth on my property, but not even sure where they'll come up with year. I had a perennial garden out back, but dug up and moved a lot of it to a new bed in front when I got the chickens last year.

    I noticed a bit of green sprouting up in the chicken pen yesterday, not sure if it's hyacinth or daffodils, too small to tell yet.

  1. Marlis said...:

    Missed you tremedously, glad all is well. Your table looks fun and that is what it's all about.

  1. Good evening Gail--
    I must start with how much I like your it of your home? I can so envision what is inside...the moldings, wood windows and possibly 9foot or better ceilings. I would LOVE to tour that home! Next I want to comment on your beautiful children. They truly look like they are people to be proud of. Next I must say how much I love your dining room hutch and your piano is gorgeous! I could go on and on as I have been viewing your blog postings off and on all afternoon and evening. I'll be back again to continue "feeling" your peaceful blog and enjoying your beautiful music.

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