Delmar Lace & Old Doilies

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Remember my repurposed doily tablerunner project? I knew I had the perfect dishes to do a sweet tablescape using my new runner. Isn't it all just perfect for dessert and coffee?
I have a few crazed, chippy, faded pieces of Delmar Lace by Royal China. Although they are crazed, chippy and faded, I love them. I've used some old Homer Laughlin plates as chargers. They are in about the same condition as the Royal pieces.
No romantic story behind them, just thrifty finds. Although they do remind me of dishes that my great-grandmother had. I remember spending a few days at her house as a teenager....just her and I. She lived several hundred miles from where we lived and we only saw her once a year or so. She left quite an impression on me though. My oldest daughter, Jessica, is named for her. When I stayed with Grandma Jessie, she was in her 90's (she was born in 1885) and still living on her own. During that stay, we had tea in the evenings in her dishes. These old dishes do remind me of that time. Oh, I guess there is a little romance in these thrifty dishes.
I wish I had a full set but alas, I only have a few pieces....4 cups & saucers, 6 small dessert bowls and 8 small dessert plates. Enough for a dessert setting for 4.
I shopped the house to complete the tablescape. Pink crepe paper flowers. As a girl, I loved crepe made the most fun things.
Vintage relish bowls hold the crepe paper roses.
Vintage ercu napkins with crocheted edging matches the tea stained runner.

Old textile spools hold votive candles.

Old mismatched silver plate fork & spoon at the ready for eating dessert.

Pretty pink roses bringing out the faded pink of the dishes.

I have a confession. Last summer I saw the sweetest blog post (cannot remember who's) where old china plates were used to edge a flower bed. I decided I wanted to do that, but once I started picking up old plates, I didn't have the heart to set them outside. Aren't I a sap?...oh, well, the way I see it, these still have a few parties left in them!

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  1. Ann said...:

    Love hearing about you and your great grandma, what cherished memories. I agree with you about the plates...too much beauty to put in the garden. Flowers are beauty enough

  1. Faith said...:

    So lovely a table you have set for us. Elegant and vintage...Shall I bring some scones?

  1. Olive Cooper said...:

    The runner is beautiful and I am very fond of crazing on old china. It just feels loved and right to me. Better than being crazed myself♥

  1. Faith said...:

    beautiful memories of a sweet lady, what a wonderful way to remember her.

  1. I love how you used the spools! That china is so beautiful, ageless!
    I got my first doily the other day, a customer of ours (who is 96) made it for me.

  1. Love the table runner and that's a great idea! I've done the same thing with old single, chipped and cracked dishes....saved them thinking i'd break them completely down and make a mosaic side table out of them but I just don't have the heart.
    Have a great week and hope you're staying warm!

  1. Sylvia said...:

    Such a lovely table . I am in love with these napkins ...Love hearing these wonderful memories you treasure .

  1. Beautiful table Gail and I love the memories those sweet plates bring-enjoy:@)

  1. Honey at 2805 said...:

    A beautiful table and beautiful memories. I love the storys I read here. They are always so special.

  1. Jacqueline said...:

    This is so charming! The doilies and the china is just beautiful. I like the crepe paper flowers too. We used to make them.

  1. What a sweet tablescape. It is very warm and inviting. Your china is just beautiful!

  1. Love your story... It reminds me of my Sweet Grandmother who was also born in 1885. Although we had the privilege of having her live in the same house! Your china is gorgeous and I even LOVE the name!
    Hugs to you,

  1. Patty Sumner said...:

    What a beautiful table to come from such wonderful memories. I agree, it would be very difficult to put those in the yard (even though the idea sounds great). Blessings!

  1. Kathleen said...:

    That was lovely! And the doilies and napkins are just beautiful.
    I couldn't put those pretty dishes outside either. I'd have to find some old chippy ones at a yard sale!
    Very sweet post. My gparents died before I was 9, so I don't have too many memories. I hope my gkids will have some good ones of me. Not just yelling at them to stop jumping on the couch! :)

  1. Thank you for sharing such a lovely table. The doilies and china are so beautiful together.


  1. It is just lovely! I enjoyed seeing this pretty pattern, and it's perfect for desssert. Love your pink roses, too, and I have always loved those spools for candlesticks. My mother gave me a pair years ago, and I have loved and added to them. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Tablescape Thursday to you...


    Sheila :-)

  1. Cindy said...:

    Gail the table runner is so dreamy looking!

    I saw that post on the china border also..I think I would end up like you tho just rescuing the great idea tho!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  1. Rosie said...:

    Those are beautiful dishes. I love the napkins. What a great idea to use spools to hold your candles!

  1. Marigene said...:

    What sweet memories of your GG, Gail...beautiful table runner for your vintage dishes. The napkins are so pretty.

  1. Barbara said...:

    Very nice, where does the Delmar orginate from? I love the dolies, I have a few but seldom use them. Hugs my friend, Love your old dishes too.

  1. Laurie said...:

    Very pretty! What lovely memories.

  1. Gail, Your dishes are too pretty to put outside in the dirt, and they remind you of someone special! I remember that post too--I did like the idea and the look, but I think I would have to buy some dishes at goodwill to use, without memories attached! Linda

  1. Ann said...:

    I love what you did with the doilies. You certainly set a very beautiful table. The spools are a very neat idea.

  1. it looks lovely and comforting....and I have an idea now to use several of my doilies, I have masses to make a table runner...right now I have three large ones across the table, but I could affix others...hmm..

  1. Gail, I loved your table runner the first time I saw it... and these dishes are the perfect complement for it. Love your stories, too! Stop by if you get a chance. I just posted my BEST tablescape ever!

  1. Anna said...:

    Love, love the tablerunner and your memories! The spools as votive stands is such a lovely touch.

  1. AshTreeCottage said...:

    Hi Gail! What a pretty table. I love those crepe paper roses. We probably would have played together when we were kids because I was always making something out of crepe paper too!!

    Susan and Bentley

  1. AshTreeCottage said...:

    Oh I forgot ~ I think that it may have been Manuela over at the Pleasures of Homemaking. I think she showed a garden border edged with broken plates.

    Susan and Bentley

  1. A beautiful...memorable tablescape born of beautiful memories. I really like your table...I adore your heart. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  1. PaisleyJade said...:

    How cool is that - beautiful!!

  1. Miss Merry said...:

    I love the tablerunner. Very cute and just perfect for a tea. I remember that post, too. I would have to buy the dishes in small pieces to do that. I can't bear to part with my chipped golden oldies!

  1. Beautiful table! I love your dishes and could not bring myself to putting them outside either. Blessings, Debbie

  1. It is perfect...but anything would be with your runner. I'm still amazed at how beautifully it turned out!

  1. I saw the china 'planted' in the garden also. I don't think I could put them outside either. I thought the pink roses were real! It's all very pretty!
    I believe you are a friend of my Miss Bee's Haven on Facebook! Thank you!

    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Deborah aka Miss Bee

  1. Angela said...:

    Very, very pretty! Happy pink Saturday!

  1. Love your beautiful china! What time shall we be there?
    Happy PS!

  1. Old china plates to edge a flower bed! Who would've ever thought. So clever. I'll have to share that idea with my sweet friend who loves gardening and loves her china. I'm your new follower, and I just love your farm blog. It brings back fond memories of growing up in East Texas.

  1. What a sweet tablescape! Love your creative use of the spools!

    Happy PS!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

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