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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kiddos were coming over and the plan was some marathon CHRISTmas shopping. I knew when we returned, there was going to be hungry mouths and I didn't want the temptation to grab a meal *out*.
Gooseberry Patch and Rush-Hour Recipes to the RESCUE! Before we headed out for shopping, I quickly picked a recipe from 5-Ingredient Favorites, Bacon & Cheddar Chicken AND another from Make-A-Meal Sides, Golden Roasted Cauliflower and pulled out what would be needed when we returned.

Well, not only were we tired when we returned, but there was some underlying grouchiness too (not naming names - just sayin', lol). We quickly went to work putting together this meal. Prep work was minimal (and could have been done in advance had I been thinking a little faster) and within 40 minutes, we had a very delicious and satisfying meal on the table. Yeah!! No expense and yucky stuff we didn't need from an *out* meal. ALL-Thumbs up on both recipes!! Thanks Gooseberry Patch!!

Bacon & Cheddar Chicken
GBP Rush-Hour Recipes (contributed by Kathy Grashoff)
(Printable Version)

1 Tbsp oil
4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1/3 cup bacon, chopped
1/2 cup onion, chopped
1/2 cup milk (I used heavy cream to keep low carb)
6 slices American cheese, chopped

Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat; add chicken. Cook, turning once, for about 7 to 8 minutes, until golden on both sides and chicken juices run clear when pierced. Transfer chicken to a plate; cover to keep warm. Add bacon to drippings in skillet. Cook and stir over medium heat until crisp, about 2 minutes. Add onion; cook and stir until tender, about 3 minutes. Add milk and cheese; cook and stir until smooth. Return chicken to the skillet along with any juices that have collected on the plate. Turn chicken in sauce to coat. Serve chicken with cheese sauce spooned over it. Makes 4 servings.

Golden Roasted Cauliflower
GBP Rush-Hour Recipes (contributed by Sandy Glennen)
(Printable Version)

1 head cauliflower, cut into bite-sized flowerets
2 Tbsp olive oil
1/4 tsp salt

Toss cauliflower with oil and salt in a large bowl. Spread in a single layer in a 15x10-inch jelly-roll pan. Bake, uncovered, at 450°F degrees for 25 to 35 minutes, stirring and turning occasionally, until tender and golden. Serves 4 to 6.

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  1. BumbleBeeLane said...:

    My fast secret is boneless skinless chicken breast.You can put into in the oven and prep the rest of the meal within 40 minutes.So many possibilities too.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  1. Thanks again for a wonderful post and giveaway!

    I am a follower and have been for quite a wile.

  1. Just being honest here --- My quick fix meal when there is limited time is grilled cheese and tomato soup. :) I definitely know my way around the kitchen and love to cook, but I also work long hours. When the hours have piled up, the soup and grilled cheese are just the ticket for a warming supper.

  1. Olive Cooper said...:

    When rushed I make a good ole southern breakfast for supper. Fast and simple bacon, eggs, and grits can all be done in about fifteen minutes.

  1. My favorite rush hour tip is canned chicken and rice casserole...quick easy and there in the pantry. Not as good as fresh but it is better then fast food and my family loves it...add lots of cheese and a veggie. hugs, Linda

  1. Tina said...:

    My favorite rush meal is Tuna Casserole made with Mac N Cheese. One box mac n cheese (cooked), one can tuna and one can cr. of chicken soup. Mix together and put in baking dish, cover with seasoned bread crumbs, bake until browned on edges.
    Or I'm like Rhonda at Cobblestone Quilting...grilled cheese and tomato soup!

  1. My quick meal is spaghetti with meat sauce and a bagged salad. I have pre-made sauce in jars and pasta is fast. I package my burger in 1lb packs and lay them flat so they are quick to thaw. 30mins gives me a full meal and sometimes I even make garlic bread too!

  1. Mrs.T said...:

    The recipes look great!

    My secret when time is going to be short and people are going to be hungry (say, right after church, or coming in from shopping as you did) is nearly always to plan ahead and use the crockpot. Such a blessing when all you need to do is come in and set the table.

    My other, truly last minute standby is soup. There are many great soups that can be put together in 20 minutes or so. I keep bread (either homemade or from the reduced bread rack at the store) in the freezer, so we can have bread with our soup. Or I will leave pizza dough in the bread machine, and I always keep sauce and cheese on hand for quick pizzas. Grilled cheese or fried egg sandwiches are quick to have with soup too.

  1. Rhonda said...:

    my secret is I spend my days off each week cooking, baking and freezing meals for the next week or so. That way I always have something to put into the crock pot, microwave or oven.

  1. Shug said...:

    you all where so smart to come home and have a delicious cooked meal, rather than all that fast food that is so tempting to stop and grab..
    I do love cauliflower and this sounds sooo goood..

  1. I'm glad you could make a healthy meal for the little ones. I just love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks ;) :) I make homemade chicken stock and refrigerate and/or freeze it in single bowl portions..soo when I'm hungry, I just hvae to put one in a pot and heat it up. It works for me :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  1. My secret: Leftovers! I always make twice the entrees I need for a meal so that I'll be sure to have leftovers. That way a weekly menu can be:

    Monday - cook extra
    Tuesday - cook extra
    Wednesday - have Monday leftovers
    Thursday - cook extra
    Friday - have Tuesday leftovers
    Saturday - cook extra
    Sunday - have Thursday leftovers

    It works for us since we don't mind leftovers. Plus if you make different side dishes to eat with the leftovers, it makes the meal feel "new".


  1. kitty said...:

    My favorite time-saver meal is to put together a salad, as I always have lettuce, lunchmeat, cheese, veggies for a great low-carb meal!!

  1. Lynnie said...:

    Bonus entry thanks!!! My secret is to cook extra meat when I am making a meal sometimes and to put it in the freezer for crunch time! Cooking ahead and freezing.. my tip!

  1. Looks delish, Gail...glad we could help get rid of the grouchiness! ;)

  1. Sallie said...:

    I keep a few staples in the cupboard so I can whip up crab cakes, tacos or spaghetti anytime. Thanks for the giveaway!

  1. Jennifer Gail said...:

    Have everything laid out in advance.

  1. JustPam said...:

    I have no secrets but I love to freeze leftovers for another meal at another time.

  1. Donna said...:

    I am already a follower and I love your site!!

  1. Donna said...:

    My fast secret dinner is.....(wait for it....).... breakfast for dinner..... pancakes!!

  1. Donna said...:

    I am already a follower and I love your site!!

  1. Faith42day said...:

    I need this book! I'm following your blog and appreciate all the great recipes.

  1. ybags said...:

    I would love to win you guys are my favorites!!

  1. ybags said...:

    I would love to win this book I love your cookbooks and am a big fan!!!

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