Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Running behind seems to be the theme of my life this time of year -- seems appropriate to post a day late.

Remember my #2 daughter asking me to ask all you prayer warriors to pray for her dear little friend Keller? He is doing wonderfully and there was an article in our little newspaper about him so I thought I'd share that with you - a GREAT praise report!! Keller UPDATE .

And while on the subject of little boys, I have to show you this photo of my grandbaby -- boy was he a happy little guy when he was at Gigi's house for Easter. He smiled like that every time those ears went on his head, lol. #1 Daughter called last night to say he has his first ear infection. Boo!!!
Easter dinner was a HUGE success with my family. I had never tried bacon-wrapping a pork loin and was thrilled with the results. I used a thick-cut apple-smoked bacon and it gave the pork a slight smokey flavor that was outta this world.
First time try for me was Twice-Baked Cauliflower -- YUM!! I'll share that recipe on Friday for Low-Carb Living.

Everyone's favorite spring salad got a low-carb makeover and was also a HIT!!

The table was simple yet very beautiful - the LILACS were over-the-top GORGEOUS! They bloomed perfectly for Easter and are now on their way out - making room for what comes next in the spring line-up.
This was probably the last holiday family dinner around this table - I've decided to sell it in some down-sizing that I plan for after tax season. It has served me well but in my garage is stored the most wonderful old, restored farm table and I am wanting to use it full-time. Size-wise the farm table is a much better fit. Sometimes letting go of things just makes sense.
Last up, I thought I'd show you my car after yesterday's vehicle vs. deer altercation.
The estimate came back yesterday afternoon to the tune of just over $2,200.00. Thankful that it is just money - and it will be done before my vacation to Arizona at the first of May -- and speaking of that, I am training HARD for my 10K race - not sure I'll be able to run the entire race but I am determined to do my very best.

Looking forward to having next Wednesday off. We always close the office the day after the tax deadline. I plan to spend the day doing some spring cleaning AND catching up with my favorite blogs. I've missed you all! Blessings!!


  1. Gail, Lots to things to comment on here! LOVE that sweet baby... what a great smile! If he visited me on Easter I would have had to call for take-out... I would not have gotten anything done!
    I am looking forward to the cauliflower dish!It looks just delicious! I know that it is so easy for me to drop weight on a low carb diet.... BUT... I love all my carbs way too much! I am trying to cut down a little. This great cauliflower recipe will help!
    Don't worry about being behind... most of us are!

  1. Gail...That sweet grand baby is just the cutest thing ever! So precious! And I'm so happy that Keller is doing better. What a blessed gift!

    I too am so far behind and just getting last weeks activites posted. It makes me feel so much better to know that I'm in good company with the best of people.



    PS Your dinner looks magnificent as does your table. I've never made pork like that so must try it. And the cauliflower au gratin looks like a winner. I have got to try it!

  1. Sounds like such an awesome Easter you had! I love the lilacs. Gorgeous! I know what you mean about letting some things go. I'm wanting to do the same thing with some of my furniture.
    Sorry about your car!

  1. Shug said...:

    Hi Gail...
    thanks so much for the update on Keller. So very thankful that there is good news. We do serve an awesome God.
    You sure have some good looking dishes here. They actually made me hungry! ha!
    Girl...I know you can run the race..Can't wait to hear about it...

  1. No worries on being behind - it's taking me a week to catch up!!!

    Love that gorgeous baby :)

  1. Oh, those crazy deer. Why do they keep running into us?
    Your Easter meal looks yummy and the table is beautiful too.
    I can't believe how big your sweet g'son has gotten!!

  1. Debbie said...:

    Your grandbunny is adorable!! You must save that picture. He'll hate it when he's thirteen, and it will come in handy. LOL

    I will be watching for the cauliflower recipe. I will probably try it this weekend, in fact.

    Cheering you on as you "race" toward your tax finish line and train for your 10K.

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