Simple Sunday ~ Black Prince Tomatoes

Sunday, July 15, 2012
Aren't they beauties? I picked these on Friday. I saw that there was another one ripe when I watered yesterday evening -- I simply picked and ate it as I finished my watering chores. This is my first time growing this variety and all I can say is that I am FAR from being disappointed. They have produced exactly what the seed catalog said they would -- An heirloom from Irkutsk, Siberia. The 5-oz tomatoes are found and very uniform; the color is a wonderful deep blackish-chocolate brown (you can tell in contrast to the tee-towel that the color is certainly not typical red). The flavor us as deep, sweet and rich as the color. A unique salad tomato; the plants produce a large crop and early; a good tomato for fine markets.

These particular tomatoes will be making their way into a fine salad with freshly cut basil and the rest of the mozzarella pearls for Sunday supper - what are you harvesting this week? :)

Joining Elaine for her Sunny Simple Sunday and The Tablescaper's Seasonal Sunday.


  1. Farmgirl Cyn said...:

    I love, love, love heirloom tomatoes! One of my all time favorites is the Cherokee Purple....I believe it is very similar to your Black Prince. Ours are not doing so well this season....lack of rain, plus an increase in the arthritis in my hands has made it a difficult year.

  1. Gert said...:

    They look amazing! Wish I had a couple for our salad today! smile...


  1. Your tomatoes are beautiful Gail! My yield is marginal this year, I've gotten a few and the squirrels have had a few too:@)

  1. Oh they look so good, I am sure the taste is unreal. Hugs, Marty

  1. farmlady said...:

    This one sounds wonderful. I'm experimenting this summer with the Goliath, the Costioluto Genovese (sounds like one that should be good with Basilico.) and a sweet raisin tomato called a Tomaccio. You can dry this tomato in the oven and make a kind of "pesto" with it.
    Love to try different kinds of tomatoes.
    Next year I will try this dark beauty of yours. It looks like a good one.

  1. We have a great basil crop, although most everything else has died from lack of rain. We don't actually have a garden, just a few pots of tomatoes, peppers and herbs. I bought my tomatoes at the farmer's market yesterday and bruschetta is on the menu for tonight!

  1. Oh gorgeous I have never seen those. Did you start your own then from seeds? I get volunteers that just pop up in the garden but I should really try to grow some from seed. So much cheaper I would think than buying the plants.

  1. Marigene said...:

    Those are an amazing color, look so nice and sweet.

  1. This is the third year I have grown Black Prince Tomatoes. I Love them. They are so flavorful and sweet. I am first in line at our Master Gardener plant sale to buy the starts. A wonderful tomato.

    Yael at

  1. Vintage Gal said...:

    Oh how I love heirloom tomatoes. Yours look absolutely scruptious ;-)

  1. Carol said...:

    Isn't it wonderful to snack in the garden? We are getting tomatoes. I think the corn will be ready this week. Zucchini, beans, but peas are about done. Carrots.
    And when I was out there tonight, I saw that not just one baby bunny, but TWO are living off the land in there.....

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