Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Are you familar with Mrs Beeton? She was the authority on managing your household in Victorian Times.

A long time ago I picked up a *First Edition Facsimile* in a wonderful used bookstore located in an old log cabin in Harris, MN. This book has a very prominate place in my kitchen. I simply love this book. The book is now public domaine so I thought I'd share the link where you can read parts of the book for yourself....Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management

One of the things I found interesting was that Mrs. Beeton advocates eating local and seasonally....a very popular movement today. Although I doubt it was a movement in 1861....just the way things were.

I am posting the list for seasonal foods for June although I am not entirely sure what leverets or plovers are (I did google them, lol):

FISH.—Carp, crayfish, herrings, lobsters, mackerel, mullet, pike, prawns, salmon, soles, tench, trout, turbot.

MEAT.—Beef, lamb, mutton, veal, buck venison.

POULTRY.—Chickens, ducklings, fowls, green geese, leverets, plovers, pullets, rabbits, turkey poults, wheatears.

VEGETABLES.—Artichokes, asparagus, beans, cabbages, carrots, cucumbers, lettuces, onions, parsnips, pease, potatoes, radishes, small salads, sea-kale, spinach,—various herbs.

FRUIT.—Apricots, cherries, currants, gooseberries, melons, nectarines, peaches, pears, pineapples, raspberries, rhubarb, strawberries.

Postings to Sue's Rednesday (for the first time) and Suzanne's Vintage Thingie Thursday. BIG thanks to these lovely ladies for hostessing us!


  1. Anita said...:

    I meant book! Can't type!

  1. Anita said...:

    I am not familiar with that nook, although I do love those vintage how-to books. I have gone through a few of my grandmothers. I crave the kind of organization I can only read about:-)

  1. How interesting! I would love to see how the Victorians run their homes. Just think, our blogs will probably be the home management books of our generation.

  1. What an interesting book. I haven't heard of it before either. I hope you share more of it.

  1. Hi Gail,
    What an interesting book! I can't wait to check out the link. BTW, I just renewed my subscription to Tea Time. I love the pictures and recipes in that magazine. I'm a magazine nut too, and it's very hard for me to get rid of old issues. I go back to them months later and it's like reading a new magazine!

  1. Marie said...:

    I have that book too, and it's great. You might be interested in knowing that Mrs Beeton was not the first Cookery/Housekeeping book author, but that a lot of her work was actually plagiarized from an earlier writer, namely Eliza Acton. What Isabella Beeton had however, that Eliza didn't, was a publisher husband. Nevertheless, her volume was very handy in that it had compiled a lot of information in one handy place, and that is valuable indeed!! Sadly she died at the very young age of 28! We will never know what she might have accomplished had she lived longer, but what she did do was admirable indeed!

  1. Debbie said...:

    I went on a little reading adventure from the link. What a great little treasure you have. I'm another one who enjoys vintage homemaking and cooking books.

  1. Sharon said...:

    How neat Gail! I bet there are some wonderful forgotten tips we can glean today :) I actually saw a movie about her life, a very sad one, full of heartache.

  1. Melody said...:

    Hi Gail! I am so glad you stopped by. What a neat book. I love vintage house/recipe books. I sometimes even include them with the vintage inspired aprons I create, tho, LOL it is hard sometimes to give one up when I find it. If ya go back in some of posts you'll see what I mean.
    Well, now that you know where I am please don't be a stranger.

  1. Debbie said...:

    I love this book, I have a few myself, and they are so fun to browse and try a recipe from. Thanks for popping over.

  1. ~~Carol~~ said...:

    I love old books, and seeing the way that people of that time looked at the world, and how they lived! I've saved the link to her book, so I can look at it more later, but it's so hard to believe that she died so young. I bet she would have gone on to write more books if she had lived longer. Thanks for sharing this book with us!
    Happy REDnesday!

  1. Hi Gail!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and your sweet comments regarding my Watkins Almanac Farm Hints booklet.
    I was wondering if you would like to have it? I would love for it to have a home with someone who appreciates it and not a knucklehead like me. Free to a good home! :)
    I love Mrs. Beeton - did you possibly catch the show on TV? I want to say it was on PBS?
    Happy Rednesday,
    P.S. If you would like the almanac, you can email me at
    P.S.S. It was called "The Secret Life of Mrs. Beeton"

  1. Oh thanks so much!! This was truly an awesome find & I'm so glad you shared it. Especially the wedsite. I'm off to visit it now. :-)

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  1. I have never heard of those books before. I love older books though. Thanks for sharing.

  1. LV said...:

    What an interesting book and the story behind it. Made for a great VTT presentation.

  1. ewenique said...:

    What an interesting read, I love these parties where we learn something new.

  1. Postcardy said...:

    How about some tench and wheatears?

  1. Tara Beaulieu said...:

    I am thinking of the plovers- we have piping plovers here in RI, they are endangered- are they one in the same?! They are tiny little things, I can't imagine you'd get much meat off them, lol! What an interesting book, I'd love to look through it- will have to visit the site you posted, thanks for sharing with us!

  1. Maureen said...:

    I love old books. This one shows that while the generations to follow were busy moving 'onward and upward', the idea of eating locally and seasonally was always a good idea.

  1. Shirley said...:

    Oh I love these kind of books! I have a couple myself but haven't seen this one.

  1. What a great book. I was at the VT Country Store a while ago and they sell a reprint of a similar book. The cover said something about things that a woman caring for her home should do during the day. I opened it expecting cooking and cleaning hints - and there was how to build a window seat! Kind of image busting of how we thought of Victorian women!

  1. Vonlipi said...:

    Those books are so interesting! Eating out of season was a big NONO not so long ago (like strawberries in January in Quebec; a sin I tell you!)

    Eating locally and what's in season is such a logical choice! It's fresher and cheaper!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  1. Coloradolady said...:

    I am not familiar with this book myself but what an amazing little book....I can just imagine thumbing through the pages of this treasure. Have a great VTT!

  1. Dawn said...:

    I've never heard of that particular book but I love old household management and cook books--so much fun to read!

  1. Sarah said...:

    Thanks for sharing this interesting post. Amazing what it took to run a household then. :-)

  1. CC said...:

    All I can do is to oooo and ahhhhhh over this wonderful book, and ohhhhhh,how I would love to find a copy. You are a lucky girl to have found such a treasure..thank you so much for sharing with us. Will you please,pretty please, share more in future posts??? Just in case, I have become a follower,so not to miss it if you post more of the book....Happy VTT..

  1. Anna Matthews said...:

    What an interesting post, thanks for providing the link as well. If she could see my kitchen right now, I'm sure she'd have a lot to say :). Im not sure about English birds, but here on Long Island we have piping plovers which are endangered and nest on our beaches. They are cute, tiny little things and probably lost even more of their habitat with the storms we had this winter. Thanks for sharing.

  1. drool!! i love vintage books & i would love a copy of this amazing book :)

  1. Diann said...:

    Nope, I hadn't heard of Mrs. Beeton before. But what a greatfind in this book! I love these kids of books. I bookmarked the site to go back and check it out later!

  1. Ann said...:

    Isn't it amazing that women have always been able to run the house so effeciently. I'm sure her ideas are so foreign to us, but I adore the idea of eating and purchasing everything locally. Great find.

  1. Gayle said...:

    Hello and
    Thank you for posting the link to this interesting book. I'll be will visiting it for sure.

  1. oh my gosh I have to find a copy of this book..I teach home management to young women and am writing a book right exciting.

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