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Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 5 ~ Desserts

Everyone's favorite chapter -- there were so many wonderful recipes to choose from -- many pumpkin desserts that I'll be trying but the recipe we ended up making was submitted by Melisa Daniel from Alma, MI for Scotcharoo Bars. We needed a quick and easy (great theme for a cookbook) treat for my daughter to take to a teen movie night. She was the chef and with just a tiny bit of coaching from me, she was quite proud of how they turned out -- her friends ooohed and aaahed over them too -- maybe she'll become more interested in cooking!

Scotcharoo Bars

1 c sugar
1 c light corn syrup
1 c creamy peanut butter
6 c crispy rice cereal
1 c semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 c butterscotch chips

Combine sugar and corn syrup in a large heavy saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring often, until mixture bubbles. Remove from heat; stir in peanut butter and mix well. Add cereal; stir until well coated. Press mixture into a buttered 12x8 baking pan; set aside. Place chocolate chips and butterscotch chips in a medium saucepan. Cook over low heat until melted; stir until well blended and smooth. Spread chocolate chip mixture over cereal mixture. Cool; cut into squares. Makes 2 dozen bars.

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  1. Love this variation on rice-krispy bars! I make them very similar to that, but without the icing. It would really dress them up to have all that yummy chocolate on top!

  1. Nancy D. said...:

    Yum, that will take care of a sweet tooth.

  1. Wow, that sounds so delicious! Those wouldn't last long in our house.

  1. They look good Gail, I sure the kids loved them:@)

  1. Lori said...:

    My friend has made these for a few years. She brings them over every get together we have. They are so yummy! Thanks for so many chances to win this book!

  1. YUM! These sound absolutely scrumptious!

  1. Sue said...:

    We love scotcharoos. I often request them for my birthday instead of a cake.

  1. Katie said...:

    Yum! I also love your vintage tea towels! I have some hanging over a curtain rod as my kitchen valance.

  1. cottageprims said...:

    Sound good and easy.Have to give this a try with the girls.

  1. Sue D said...:

    Oooh--I think I've made something like this before and they are good!

  1. Tina said...:

    Yum! I can not wait to buy (or win) this cookbook! Between you and the other reviewers...I am lovin' the recipes!

  1. Vintage Gal said...:

    Yum ~ I am going to have to try those MMMMMM

  1. SharonInOK said...:

    Oh my goodness...those look so incredibly good! I just found your site and can't wait to spend some time exploring! Thank you for the opportunity to win too. Have a blessed day.

  1. Valarie said...:

    Oh these look scrumptious!

  1. Kay said...:

    I am not a huge fan of rice krispie treats but this is a recipe I can go for.

  1. RachelMarie said...:

    These look absolutely wonderful!!! Can't wait for this cookbook to come out. Thanks for sharing!

  1. Sharylin said...:

    These sound great, they may become a new family favourite!

  1. Your photo is wonderful ~ wish I could reach through the screen for a little sample! My mom used to make these every once in a while ~ I can attest, they ARE delicious. :D Thanks for sharing the recipe Gail! xo

  1. Farmchick said...:

    These are a favorite in our house! :)

  1. Gwen (Pooh) said...:

    Brian would absolutely love these! He loves butterscotch! :)

  1. rosalind said...:

    I am definitely going to have to try this one......looks scrumptious!

    Thank you once again for a great review and a chance to win!

  1. Deb said...:

    I think this would get eaten pretty quickly around here! I'll try it out!

  1. FHCS said...:

    Oh, my do they look delish! (O:

  1. Carra said...:

    We love these!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  1. LyndaLoo said...:

    Oooh, peanut butter, chocolate, chips.....sinful! :)


  1. OhPioneer1806 said...:

    Interesting twist on rice krispie treats, I'm not a big fan of butterscotch chips but I bet the kids at school would like these for a special treat.

  1. These look yummy. My husband said they reminded him of something they served at the school when he worked there. So...we went to town and picked up the ingredients for these lovelies because he liked the school's bars sooo much. I am going to make them this week along with the Mushroom Chicken. I'm going to have to post pics, too! Thanks again.

    Mrs. T.
    Acorn Hollow

  1. Lee Family said...:

    Thanks again for another chance to win. Love the reviews! Blessings:)

  1. Kathleen said...:

    Oh wow! They look wonderful. What a great treat!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! I am going to make these this weekend for a family gathering we are having!

  1. StampinCarol said...:

    These look absolutely delish!! Thanks for sharing! I need to make these for hubby's lunchbox...

  1. mbdesens said...:

    I absolutely love these, but have never made them. I have all the ingredients in my pantry so now's the time!

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