Pretty Random!

Monday, July 25, 2011
"Hey Mom, I am wanting to do something pretty random...will you go with me?"

That was what I heard as I answered my phone while grocery shopping on Saturday morning. Now my daughter loves to follow her heart and so *random* never surprises me with her. Then she explained that she wanted to follow MY lead and do something that I had done way back in January.........
Lop off her locks for Locks of Love!

Isn't she lovely?!!!

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  1. yes she is very lovely and generous!

  1. What a wonderful thing for you to do!

  1. Kathleen said...:

    Yes, she is, and so are you! One of my sister's gkids did it too. I think it is wonderful! God bless you both!

  1. Valeree said...:

    What a lovely, kind, and generous daughter you've raised. You must be so proud of her!!

  1. Tina said...:

    She's beautiful Gail. What a sweet and a perfectly "random" thing to do!

  1. jAne said...:

    lovely? she's *beautiful*!
    even more beautiful for
    offering up her long locks
    for those in need of locks
    all their own. love it.
    i did this a few years back.

  1. Mecky said...:

    She looks great! I think that is a great thing to do!!

  1. Bobbi Jo said...:

    How awesome! She is beautiful.What a wonderful example you have been for her. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  1. Farmchick said...:

    What a great thing.....and I love her new hairstyle...looks good on her. :)

    Come on over for a visit....maybe even submit a recipe in my liny party?

  1. From head to toes she is amazing and stunning! You must be bursting at the seams with pride!

  1. Debbie said...:

    Yes, she's lovely! Her heart is clearly just as lovely as her face, too.

  1. What a very sweet thing to do! Beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

  1. Lynnie said...:

    I love her heart, may she always follow God's leading all the days of her life! I know you are so proud!

  1. Well now this is the second post in a week that you've written about your daughter that has choked me up! My goodness your sweet girl is a woman after the Lord's heart. You must be so proud... i know I am! :)

  1. Hi Gail, this is so precious. How generous!

    Lovely girl!!

    Barb ♥

  1. Blessings to your sweet daughter~
    Yes she looks beautiful!

  1. She is lovely...and from what I just learned about her, even more so on the inside. You must be very proud.

  1. Shug said...:

    I now have many tears in my eyes....What a lovely young girl you have, inside and out! I personally have seen the pain that those with cancer endure when they lose their hair...I am beyond delighted that your daughter stepped out and did such an awesome thing....Bless her and Bless you...

  1. What a nice thing to do. Great photos. I'm following.

  1. she is beautiful...and has a beautiful heart...

    happy to see you today


  1. Thats awesome! And for such a great cause!! She looks super cute!

  1. Jane said...:

    Wow, that is awesome! You have an amazing daughter for sure. She looks adorable with short hair, too.

    Join us on Facebook!

  1. Mandie said...:

    That is awesome! What a wonderful gift to give to those that don't have it. Blessings

  1. She is darling! I love her new hair-do.

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