Signs of Spring!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Last week I spotted 2 little robins outside my office window. A sure sign that spring is indeed coming. It has been a weird winter -- I am happy to know spring is coming but not sure winter has had it's last hurrah yet.

Last weekend my daughters wanted to drive to Kearney, NE to do some shopping at Target. Although I am fiscal fasting, I went along for the ride. We saw another sign that spring is indeed on it's way --

Sandhill Cranes!

They stop over in Nebraska at the Platte River on their migration north. The skies were FULL of cranes. What a spectacular sight! Now we've had some other signs of spring too -- warmer temperatures, rain, thunderstorms AND a tornado watch too.

What is your first indication that spring is on it's way?

When we were shopping, Baby Gabe's Momma forgot to bring his Moby Wrap (oh, isn't that a wonderful invention) so Auntie carried him around in her jacket -- he was HAPPY!!

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  1. He's a cutie! Love that it's getting lighter earlier:@)

  1. Debbie said...:

    I was all set to tell you my first indication of spring when I got sidetracked by the adorable little Gabe. He's just precious.

    OK, first sign of spring around here would be the Japanese magnolias followed by the jonquils. Since both of those signs have come and gone, I guess it's spring!

  1. Mrs.T said...:

    I can't count robins as a sign of spring here in northern New England. Over the past few years there have been robins here most of the winter. I saw a whole flock of them under some apple trees back in February!

    For us I guess the most reliable sign of spring is the peeping of the "spring peepers" (species of frog -- not sure of the actual name) in swampy areas.

  1. Shug said...:

    Little Gabe is just precious...I sure do wish I had invented those Moby Wraps!!
    Enjoyed my visit

  1. Sherry Hefner said...:

    I agree with all the others that Baby Gabe has stolen the show! Signs of spring? Lots of buds and blooms already here in NC. Hoping a late frost doesn't do them in.

  1. robin said...:

    When the geese come back and I hear their songs in the sky! :)

  1. Oh just look at that cutie pie face!! We, too, have signs of spring but seem to have had them all winter. Our trees are going nuts as we go from balmy warm to snow.

  1. I just saw my first Robin about 10 minutes ago in a small bird bath I had left out over winter! I love Sandhill Cranes. They take up residence on a golf course we like to play near Lake Geneva, WI and we love it when the babies arrive.

    The recipe that they published looks delicious!

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