SNOWED in for the Week-end!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Old Man Winter came for a weekend visit! In Hastings, NE, we got 12-inches of snow. Not just ordinary snow -- this was heavy, wet, blown around and stuck to everything kind of snow. Saturday was lots of cuddle time with grandbaby and enjoying multiple movies, comfort foods and hot drinks -- yesterday was shoveling, and shoveling and more shoveling! My favorite pine tree has sustained some major damage -- trees don't fair well on the prairie - I guess that is why God didn't put many here in the first place. We'll have to wait until we have some melt off to see if the whole thing will have to come down. That will make me sad -- my favorite red-boy hangs out in that tree and I get to look out on that tree from my kitchen window. Time will tell.

This week is shaping up to be a busy one. Work, some appointments and then picking up my new car at the end of the week. What is on your agenda for the week?

Keep warm!


  1. Marilyn said...:

    We here in Northeast Pennsylvania we are in a snow deficit. But that is o.k. .... it has made life a lot easier for my trucker husband!!
    Take Care & Stay Warm!!

  1. Kim said...:

    Uggh, that heavy wet snow is the worst. I hope you get a warm spell and it melts quickly.

  1. pretty, we just had 4 days of heavy hoar frost. Now it is sunny but will get a little chilly this week, been a fantastic winter though..I just hope we don't get this kind of snow all March/April!!

  1. Lynnie said...:

    I do hope your tree makes it, heavy wet snow can wreak havoc. It is beautiful!!

  1. Marigene said...:

    We haven't had any amount of snow this winter...but there is plenty of time left of winter to see some! It is so pretty when it first falls, so clean looking. Hope your old tree makes it, Gail.

  1. Connie said...:

    At least you stayed safe and warm! Sorry about your beautiful tree, we haven't had much snow this winter......yet.

  1. Honey at 2805 said...:

    It made for a beautiful picture, but I do hope that you tree will make it through.

  1. Sounds like you had an eventful weekend! Hope your tree makes it ok. No snow yet in Philly:@)

  1. I have a chiropractor apointment this week, as well as a women's Bible study tomorrow. Other than that, my week is I'll be filling it up, looking for a job, cleaning the house etc. Enjoy the snow. I hope your tree will make it!!! Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  1. Tanya@takesix said...:

    Any snow we have had in Nova Scotia this winter has been rained away within a couple days. Can't complain about that!! ;0)

  1. Kathleen said...:

    I heard you were getting it.
    We only got 6 a few weeks ago, and it warmed up the next day and melted!
    That's how I like it, here and gone!
    Good luck with your new car. What did you get?

  1. Sherry Hefner said...:

    Oh my...I envy your snow! Here in NC, we haven't had a very cold winter. If it fails to snow at all, this will be the first winter in recorded history that we haven't experienced at least a few flakes. How sad that would be! So I am still holding out a bit of hope for a snow day. All the while, the sunny days make me long for spring time...and getting outside again and into the early gardening phase of life.
    Hope you will love your new car! God is so wonderful to meet our every need....

  1. I heard on the news that you all got a foot of snow!! How I wish just a little bit of it had come down our way!

  1. Debbie said...:

    Sorry you got hit with such a snow. I was complaining because we got hit with a big chill. Shame on ME.

    I hope the pine tree fares better than you can even anticipate.

    My agenda? Well, I'm trying to get caught up in blog land because I have been away from my computer. Other than that, I just want to dink around the house.

  1. Here's hoping you stay warm, Gail! :)

    Will you email us sometime soon...looks like the address we have for you is bouncing back. Thanks!

  1. Our daughter was supposed to return home from a ski trip to Wyoming through Nebraska on Saturday! I texted her to head north - I'm so glad she listened. That was a LOT of snow you got.

  1. Sue said...:

    No significant snow here, Gail, but you never know.... it could still make an appearance! Hope your tree comes through the winter with now real damage. Heavy and wet snow can really do some damage. We used to have Bradford pear trees and I was always brushing off the snow with a broom while up on a ladder! LOL

  1. Renna said...:

    The snow looks beautiful. Here in northeast Texas, we receive very little snow. We're lucky to get one snow a year, and it usually melts that day or the next. Last year was a red-letter winter, though. I think we got about 3 good snows. That said, if I had to shovel it, I probably wouldn't enjoy it quite so much. ;-)

    I didn't realize you were in Hastings. I believe that isn't far from Kearney. My retired hubby, who has his cdl, occasionally delivers a load of trailers there for a local company that makes them. The snow you guys got this week is why the trip was rescheduled, and is not the first time that's happened.

    Have a great week!

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