Fiscal Fasting ~ 1/2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thank you for all the great tips on saving money. Well, here I am at Day #6 (I started on Saturday - that is the day my work week officially starts) of my first week of Fiscal Fasting for 2012. I have stayed true to my goals -- NO SPENDING. Well, no money has gone out. I did a little online car shopping and started that process. I am going to be finally retiring my 1998 Honda Odyssey (with 270,000 miles). It has served me well and been a very frugal investment. I have to admit that the entire prospect of car shopping has caused me some stress but I have tried to turn the stress into opportunities for prayer.

Anyway, I usually allow myself lunch *out* with the girls at work once a week (they mostly eat out daily). NOT this week...and I think I am going to rethink that altogether. Lunch out is expensive and lunch brought from home is both more healthy and makes better fiscal sense. I have avoided all retail establishments -- boy, just going into some stores fuels spending and feelings of covetousness. I've worked on projects at home that I have already purchased materials for (you know, UFO's-- unfinished objects, lol) and visited the library. I also went with my daughter to Zumba class at the Y as a way of getting out and being entertained (I pay for my Y membership annually). I will need to visit the grocery store on Sunday -- but only for what I need. I've done a good job of using up some of what I had on hand.

February is a shorter month so I'll only a 3 week break from fasting before my next fast begins. Have you fasted? How did you do? If a week seems too much, maybe a NO-Spend Day is a better idea for starting out.


  1. Fiscal fasting ?? What a fabulous idea. I have so much right here. What do I need ? Really nothing. OK I am in. I will start with one month. From Feb 2 through March 3. Will have to separate somehow from Farm expenses without cheating, but I think I can. THANKS for the inspiration!

  1. Terra said...:

    Fiscal fasting? You are off to a good start, I can see in your post.
    When you buy a car, I highly recommend my Ford Focus. Made in the USA! And gets lots of miles per gallon. The money I do spend I aim to buy American whenever possible, to keep our people employed :)

  1. Patty Sumner said...:

    Fiscal fasting is new to me, but, what a great idea! You go girl! I am going to have to give this one some thought....thats a challenge. Thanks for the wonderful idea. Blessings!

  1. Olive Cooper said...:

    Your car served you well. We have very old Jeeps with similar stories. You are doing so well. As I buy and sell for my little business this would be difficult for me but I never buy new for that. Joe always takes his lunch to work and we rarely eat out. I like to control the ingredients in what I eat.

  1. I love my Honda CR-V and it is still going strong. I'm hoping for several years more! Anyway, I think I am getting to where I would be able to do a fiscal fast once a month. I just need to make sure I have food in the house. I don't buy much more ahead then 2 wks. I seldom go out to eat anymore and now that I don't work I really can't justify the expense.

  1. Sherry Hefner said...:

    Thanks for your wonderful post! This hasn't been a good week for hubby and I to have a fiscal fast. We actually took a week of vacation and went to the beach. This is something we never do, even though he gets 5 weeks vacation each year. Hubby is a minister and with 4 young adult kids, there is rarely time or money to spend on things like a real vacation. We had 7 funerals in January alone...and that is in addition to all the regular responsibilities.
    We called the motels and found that this is an excellent time to get away. The rates are very affordable right now....and the crowds are low. We have been married almost 28 years and this is only the 2nd time we have gone away for vacation (not work related) in all that time.
    Sorry my response is so long...but I wanted to add that our newest vehicle is a 2001 Chevy Silverado truck. It has 219,000 miles on it...and is still going strong. We praise the Lord for all the years this vehicle has carried our family on the roads. We have purchased all 4 kids used cars during the years since we bought the truck....and the wonderful service it has provided allowed us to help the children with this benefit.
    I know the Lord has just the right vehicle in mind for you...and I pray you will have peace and comfort as he guides you in this process.

  1. Such an encouraging and inspiring post. Thank you so much for sharing your heart! You've given me much to consider.

    Blessings, Lea

  1. Deborah Anne said...:

    I can SO relate! I too work at an office where most go out every day for lunch. Makes it so hard to be frugal with the money we're managing! Thank you for the encouragement that it CAN be done!

  1. Jackie said...:

    Fiscal Fasting,
    Great idea! My DD had been unemployed for a few months and I had been helping her with her car payment, insurance, etc.
    I started fasting and watching every penny spent. I look at things differently now and realize that some of the spending I was doing was not necessary. So I was able to help her.
    Now that she is employed, I am saving all the monies I was using to make her payments. When the friends go out to lunch,I sometimes don't go.Life is different now. Thanks for your post and idea, I am not alone.

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