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Thursday, September 1, 2011

September is National Sewing Month!! Do you sew? My start was a rocky one. First I have to say that my Mom wasn't a seamstress but she did go thru a stage where she attempted to make some garments for my sisters and I. Somewhere there is photographic evidence of her attempts -- my 2 sisters and I in MATCHING outfits -- I am the oldest -- pure TORTURE when you are on the verge of being a teenager, lol. Then I was in Miss Swisher's 7th grade Cooking/Sewing class at Woodrow Wilson Jr. High. I aced the cooking semester but hated the sewing semester. We made a gym bag and an apron -- I remember it like it was yesterday (instead of 1972, lol).

My apron was red gingham and I had to take a seam ripper to it (had issues with pleats and gathers) so many times that I am surprised I didn't have holes worn in it. I survived Miss Swisher's class and even got a decent grade. Somehow, I ended up in a more advanced sewing class in 8th grade -- very bad experience that involved a brown plaid jumper and sneaking it home in the above-mentioned gym bag so my Mom could help me set the zipper. I bid good-riddance to sewing after that....I thought forever. I figured sewing just wasn't for me.

Years later, I was a young homemaker on a very slim budget and I wanted new curtains for my little cottage-style home. I decided I'd give sewing another try. I found making curtains and pillows and such a lot of fun and I could do it for a fraction of the cost of ready or custom made. I even made some simple garments for my children. Then I discovered QUILTS!! I was hooked. My skills improved with each new project and it is now something I love to do. I still mostly stick to quilts and home decorating although I now make aprons again -- lots of aprons!

Since this is the official month to promote sewing, I thought I'd do a series of posts on just that -- sewing!! I wish that I had ignited a love of sewing in my daughters but alas, they seem to have no interest -- but I have to remind myself that I didn't have an interest at their ages either -- maybe there is still hope. Through the month of September, I will be posting some simple tutorials and sewing inspired posts and introduce you to a special friend :)


  1. I love to sew Gail, don't do it nearly often enough! I'm looking forward to your series:@)

  1. Valerie said...:

    Yes, yes, yes...there is still hope! I never showed an interest in sewing...even after my parents bought me my own machine as a birthday present...in my early 20s and 30s. But now, that I have littles and I'm on that stay-at-home mom budget, I'm really interested in learning. I even took a class at Jo-Ann fabrics this summer.

    Here's to National Sewing month! Time to dust off my machine!

  1. I'm looking forward to your series, and hopefully you will give me the jump start I need to start sewing again!

  1. I'll have to share this too, and hopefully find my groove and get back to sewing myself!! lol

  1. cindy said...:

    I’m trying to get back to quilting. Maybe you will spur me on to finish my 3 projects.

    take care-

  1. Lori said...:

    I would love to learn how to sew. I have a machine and my mom has recently bought me some sewing tools but I just have no clue what I am doing. I would love to make aprons and quilts. I even bought some of Gooseberry Patch's sewing and quilting books. The items are beautiful, I just need to get started!

  1. Hi Gail, I do know how to sew....oh, my, yes, I do!! But I don't much anymore.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Barb ♥

  1. Ruby Jean said...:

    Hi Gail,
    No I didn't know that...Well that was until yesterday...I was walking into the Fabric store and I saw the Big Poster plastered on the window saying September Celebrate Sewing Month with us...it went something like that.. : ) Talk about a perfect reason to station myself at my sewing machine...

  1. SanDandy said...:

    I wish I did know how to sew. I tryed to teach myself years and years ago and was not very successful. I recently had my sewing machine "tuned" up thinking I might take a few lessons......anyway, I look forward to the posts.

  1. Shelley said...:

    I want to sew something,anything...if only it would turn out right...as they say practice makes perfect...Well,maybe in my case almost perfect :) I actually did a little sewing project today...so simple but,yet so difficult for me. I am not giving up though :)

  1. LeAnn said...:

    Actually your post today brought back some memories my own experiences with sewing. My mother was an expert seamstress and made all of my school clothes and my wedding dress. I did some sewing or my children but never had a love for it. In fact, I usually just got a neck ache. My three daughters enjoy sewing; so they must have got that gene from my mother and it skipped a generation.
    Thanks for the memories and keep on enjoying the moments.
    I am new at visiting your blog so check out mine sometimes @ Living Waters by LeAnn

  1. Lynnie said...:

    Oh Gail! I am so looking forward to this series! I may have to copy your idea and do something similar on my blog - would you mind? I will link back to you in regards to the idea?! Its gonna be a great and encouraging month!

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